D-Link DUB-M520 – the USB-C hub to tick all your needs

As Apple continues to impress with its latest laptops, it is hard to ignore the fact that you’re still stuck with 1, 2 or a maximum of 4 USB-C ports with their devices. Moreover, most Chromebooks and Windows Laptops also feature USB-C ports, meaning that it is getting more and more important to have a suitable USB-C hub to tick all your needs. The D-Link DUB-M520 is one such device.

D-Link DUB-M520 Features

  • HDMI with up to 4K resolution up to 30Hz
  • 2 x USB-C/Thunderbolt ports
  • USB C with power delivery
  • Gigabit Ethernet

In the box

  • The DUB-M520 hub
  • Supporting documentation


No setup is required, it is pretty much plug and play.

All you need is a device with USB-C port. It is compatible with MacOS, Windows as well as ChromeOS.


As far as usage goes, it is pretty simple. You can pretty much plug in ethernet, USB 3 devices, or a USB-C cable for power delivery, and off you go. Same can be said for monitors via HDMI.

The only thing to report is that I have a ring light, which I have used with my MacBook Pro before, using other products, and it works fine. On this one, it complains of drawing too much current, and is disabled by the MacBook Pro. I am not sure if this is a nuance with this hub, or something wrong with the ring light, as it seems to work well otherwise.

More information

More information on the D-Link DUB-M520 can be found on the D-Link website.

It retails for around £55, and can be bought from various online retailers, including Amazon.

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