The GameSir X2 Bluetooth Version – IMPROVED for Better Cloud Gaming

Gamesir, a leading provider in innovative, high-quality game peripherals are pleased to announce that the new model of the innovative mobile gaming controller – the X2 Bluetooth version is now available.  


Following on from the success of the X2 Type C Mobile Game Controller which was designed to give users an outstanding cloud gaming experience, GameSir has updated the X2 to give bring this innovative mobile gaming experience to everyone.

Now equipped with Bluetooth, the X2 Bluetooth version supports both iOS and Android devices and is compatible with Apple Arcade.

Like its predecessor, the X2 Bluetooth version is designed to provide a full array of controls and minimize lag to ensure a maximum gaming experience. With smartphones getting bigger and more powerful to ensure they can handle the ever-increasing complex games played on them, the X2 Bluetooth version will keep you ahead of your competitors no matter what phone you choose to use.

Compatible with both Android and iOS, the X2 Bluetooth version features a split design that includes a joystick on both the left and the right sides and ABXY buttons. The buttons come with a lifespan of up to 3 million presses so you needn’t worry about wearing them out! The simple design will expand to securely hold phones measuring up to 173mm, and the soft rubber grips will ensure a comfortable hold throughout your gaming session.

Have you ever had a moment in-game when you wished you had the option of getting a record of a particularly good move? Thanks to the added screenshot button you now have the chance to take quick snapshot of your best on-screen gaming moments.

The GameSir X2 Bluetooth version – bringing simply outstanding cloud gaming experience to devices.

The X2 Bluetooth version is available at $59.99 / £69.99. For more information, please see

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