The Coleen Speed bike: the new trendsetter of urban mobility

Coleen, the French signature of connected electric mobility, unveils its new Speed bike. Reaching 45 km/h in a few seconds, it integrates a 750W engine with 6 speeds for a battery life lasting 70km on one charge. The Speed bike combines safety and premium materials, featuring a cross-form frame that was inspired by the first velocipedes of 1861. Refined, chic, and powerful, the Coleen Speed bike is at the avant-garde of the new green mobility.   



Powerful motorization close to natural driving

Coleen is the first ebike to be equipped with a 6-speed gearbox from PINION, manufactured by a team of former engineers from Porsche. The gearbox allows cyclists to change speeds even without pedaling (an optional 9-speed gearbox is also available). The rear motor remains one of the key components, integrating a torque sensor to ensure natural driving. The motor is integrated into the wheel and uses last generation sensors, as the middle motors, to avoid using the transmission up because of its high power. The assistance depends on the force applied by the cyclist on the pedals.

The combo of the rear motorization, link with both gearbox and belt drive, ensures unique durability. Coleen’s Speed bike offers a 600 000 km gearbox life cycle.  

A safe, long-lasting, and intuitive cycling experience

The removable battery, thanks to an ingenious system that requires no physical key, can be charged either by itself or directly on the bike. One full charge takes a record time of 2h30, with 50% of the battery recharged in 1h. Coleen opted for a battery with built-in microprocessors, to manage each cells level, optimizing the ergonomics design and energy efficiency. Its BMS (Battery Management System) is inspired by the same technology as the one used in aeronautics to ensure up to 8 years of longevity.

Coleen’s innovative design includes a cockpit that offers excellent visibility, thanks to an HD transflective display. It shows the speed according to the selected assistance mode, battery life, as well as incoming calls or text messages. An integrated GPS tracker alerts the user if any suspicious movement is detected, on a dedicated app.

Apart from the security alerts, the Coleen’s dedicated app tracks the rides and locations. It also has a keyless ignition system that allows users to unlock and start their Coleen remotely with their smartphone when they get closer to the bike. 

Designed, tested, and MANUFACTURED in France

The Speed bike is a French product in every detail. From the carbon cross frame to its components, it is designed, tested, manufactured, and assembled at the Coleen Factory, in the South of France. The manufacture of the carbon frame and forks alone requires 35h of work and nearly 400 carbon pieces hand cuts, one by one. Electronics components as both battery and display are manufactured near Bordeaux. Coleen choose to work on reliable and sustainable components. The leather parts is also manufactured in Nouvelle Aquitaine. Coleen is proud to participate in the preservation of a French know-how, working with IDEALE.

The Coleen Factory can be visited by appointment.  


The Coleen range includes the ebike and Speed bike (light moped). The ranges COMPOSER (customizable) and the EDITIONS are available in two motorizations (250W – 25km/h / 750W – 45 km/h) on the Coleen website and in specialized retail outlets. Prices start at 6860 €.

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