Philips TV &Sound announces new focus on dedicated sports headphones

With nearly two-thirds of active sports enthusiasts (over 90% in the 16-24-year-old age group) using headphones while exercising, the benefits of dedicated sports models are proving to be increasingly attractive. Already a significant presence in the market, Philips TV & Sound is seeking to become one of the leading sports headphone brands with the introduction of a new innovative, dedicated sports series focusing on exceptional fit & comfort, durability, great sound plus new safety and hygiene features. 


Philips Sports Headphones products are the ideal choice for all active lifestyles, from the serious athlete to the outdoor enthusiast. Whether listening to music while running, cycling or exercising at the gym, enjoying yoga at home or just experiencing the great outdoors, the new Philips wireless headphone range offers the perfect sports model to enjoy the personal path to health & fitness, from novice to serious athlete.

Philips A7306 Sports TWS In-ear Headphones. Colour: Black. Available: 2nd Quarter 2021.

The flagship A7306 True Wireless headphones are perfect for the modern athlete, guaranteeing exceptional personal fit and comfort via a choice of three different colored wing-tips and three detachable ear-hooks.

A good fit ensures that passive noise-canceling is excellent while large 9mm drivers ensure the A7306’s also sound exceptional and for up to six hours of battery life on a full charge – with an extra 18 hours on hand from the charging carry case and Fast Charge offering one hour of playback in just 15 minutes. Perfect for long sessions of high-quality listening.

Sports enthusiasts can also track their performance via the A7036’s built-in heart rate monitor which is compatible with most of the popular fitness apps currently available.

Philips A6606 – Sports Bone Conduction headphones. Colour: Black. Available: 2nd Quarter 2021.

Unlike traditional ‘driver’ based headphones the A6606 Wireless model uses bone conduction technology, transmitting sound vibrations to the ear via the user’s cheekbones, allowing them to enjoy high-quality music while their ears remain free to hear background sounds, especially in busy environments.

The A6606 users a super lightweight, reinforced titanium structure designed to fit perfectly under a cycle helmet, and as an additional safety feature the headphones include a high visibility LED light that can be controlled via the Philips Headphones App.

Philips A4216 – Sports on-Ear wireless headphones. Colour: Black. Available: 2nd Quarter 2021.

The Philips A4216 wireless, on-ear sports headphone are great for all sports activity and rugged outdoor activities with on-ear ‘cups’ with good passive noise cancellation and large 40mm drivers providing excellent detailed sound with deep bass reproduction.

The lightweight A4216 has been ergonomically designed for extra comfort featuring memory foam inserts with a special cooling gel for those high intensity sessions, all covered in removable and washable fabric sleeves for extra hygiene protection.

An extra-long 25-hour playtime and quick charge feature ensures the A4216 are always ready to use even for the most extended of workouts.

Philips A3206 – Wireless Ear-bud’s headphones Colour: Black. Available: 2nd Quarter 2021.

The Philips A3206 offers a combination of performance, comfort and safety for runners, hikers and gym workouts. The ultralight earbuds are water resistant, Google and Siri compatible, and offer a lengthy 10-hours playtime. A choice of three interchangeable comfortable wing-tips and three ear-hooks ensure a custom fit, while a Kevlar reinforced, light reflective cable offers extra safety in low light.

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