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Disney Plus – The streaming service for your family!

Disney Plus has been around for just over a year, and I’ll admit, it has taken me quite a while to finally get to it. However, you’ll be stuck under a rock if your social media wasn’t taken over by Baby Yoda or Wanda Vision. Amazingly, that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Disney Plus has loads of content

Currently, Disney Plus doesn’t just offer Disney content. It also offers:

  • Pixar
  • Star Wars
  • Marvel
  • National Geographic

It is also the only streaming service, at least in the UK, that offers all of The Simpsons!

On top of that, they feature lots of original content, and the very famous Wanda Vision is part of their original content.

Not to mention, the ever famous musical Hamilton is available on it too!

Parental controls for kids accounts

The service comes with the ability to create kids accounts as well. This means that you can easily let your kids watch stuff on it without fear of them being exposed to anything inappropriate.


You get up to 4K video quality on the content when available, but even more cleverly, it will happily adjust it down if your internet is struggling.

The apps are quick and responsive, and everything just plays as you’d like it to.

I want to watch it all

I have only just started, but not only I now have an amazingly long list in my Watch List, I am also constantly sneaking in episodes of The Simpsons. Gosh I miss watching it all the time. It also gives me the opportunity to finally get around to all the Marvel films, catch up on all The Simpsons, and of course, watch WandaVision, and can’t wait to finally watch Hamilton! I also can’t wait to finally be part of all the Baby Yoda fandom!

My little one is enjoying Tangled as I write this, and to be fair, she’s the real winner. here!

Play it on virtually anything

The service is available on pretty much every kind of device that you can expect.

You obviously have apps for iOS and Android devices. On top of that Amazon Fire tablets are covered too.

Most smart TVs are covered too. In my case, my very old LG TV doesn’t have it, but using ChromeCast or Roku, that’s covered it all.

Most gaming devices have it on offer too, as do Sky Q and Apple TV.

And of course, you can play it through your browser too.

Download it all

Not only can you play it all, if you have one of the apps installed on any of your devices, you can download every and any show from the service. This means that you can take your favourite content with you wherever you go.

We are all locked down, but I am definitely looking forward to utilising this more when we’re back in commuting phase.

More information

More information about Disney Plus can be found on the Disney Plus website.

It costs £5.99 a month, or £59.99 annually (£5 a month).

Compared to Netflix, which is now £9.99, or Amazon Prime, which is £7.99, or even the iPlayer, which is over £13 a month, you are already getting a better deal. Add to that the amazingly wide variety of content available, it makes it one of the best offerings out there.

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