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The Lightest 4K Mixed-reality Glasses for High Definition Multimedia 


The lightest 4K mixed reality glasses for portable personal cinema and HD viewing are here as announced by the optical experts EM3. this new innovation provides the technology for multimedia, gaming or adding productivity at work. You can get your hands on one here

Screens have become an essential part of our lives in this age of information. They have become the window that helps us make sense of the world around us and far from us. However, the screens we use the most on a regular basis do not seem big enough, three dimensional enough, numerous enough or intimate enough. EM3-stellar is a release of the screen. It is a completely new generation of display tech that breaks the limitations we have previously known with respect to physical screen size, shape, number, and dimensions. With this new innovation and a big step forward, we get to experience a new visual experience, bringing the digital world one step closer to us.

With all that the latest apps, games and multimedia have brought for us, the small smartphone screen limits the viewing experience and thereby does not let us fully enjoy the incredible works of these. But EM3 has made it their mission to innovate and change this and they have proven it. The EM3 STELLAR are stylish 4K mixed reality glasses that instantly transform the HD viewing experience.  Powered by the most advanced Sony micro-OLED display technology, EM3-STELLAR delivers up to 3147 PPI and a high pixel density that is ten times that of a typical phone screen display. Combined with an optimal 53° FOV, the effect is equivalent to viewing a 120-inch screen in stunning high definition. The results are vividly impressive. EM3-STELLAR has up to 113% sRGB wide colour range and contrast >100000:1 physical level calibration, which can display real colour accurately and take full advantage of the rich colour characteristics of OLED.

Created to optimize the experience for gaming, apps and entertainment, EM3-STELLAR is ultimately portable and weighs just 107g, the lightest MR glasses in its class and STELLAR’S modern design is surprisingly stylish.    

“Mixed and augmented reality headsets and glasses have been on the market for some time, but none of them have been designed in a lightweight and comfortable form factor that made them truly portable or discreet. Our goal with STELLAR was to create an incredibly immersive 4K viewing experience that could go with users anywhere and look good doing it. STELLAR has innovative technology that makes the digital viewing experience spectacular but they also consider style and comfort. STELLAR can easily fit into anyone’s personal style aesthetic while also providing useful productivity and awesome entertainment.”  CEO, EM3

EM3-STELLAR instantly immerses users into a stunning 4K multimedia big-screen experience that can go anywhere. This exciting new product is available now with special pricing for early adopters. To learn more visit the campaign here


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