TCL Reaffirms its Pioneering in Global TV Industry by Unveiling 2021 Mini-LED, QLED and 4K HDR TVs at CES 2021

TCL Electronics, one of the dominant players in the global TV industry and a leading consumer electronics company with a mission to make life Intelligent with innovative technology, showcased its newest Mini-LED, QLED and 4K HDR TVs under its forward-looking AI x IoT strategy at CES 2021.


C825 – Premium 4K Mini-LED Performance

TCL latest 4K Mini-LED TV C825 elevates our TV viewing and video gaming standards to the next level. C825 is an important addition in TCL’s continuous commitment to Mini-LED Display Technology.

C825 adopts straight down backlight mode reducing the grain size of traditional LED to 100 ~200 μm. Thousands of light control units are used to increase the number of backlight sources. Combined with a full array, ultra-high targeted regional brightness adjustment is realized to bring a better visual experience.

Featuring Quantum Dot Display Technology, C825 combines light and colour, higher gamut and more precise light control to achieve the ultimate picture quality effect.

C825 also features Dolby Vision HDR imaging technology, offering an ultra-vivid picture that brings entertainment to life, and Dolby Vision IQ, which leverages the full intelligence of C825 to deliver a perfect picture in your room at every moment by dynamically adjusting to the changing light in the room and the types of content being played back while maximizing the full capabilities of the TV.

C725 – Superior 4K QLED Entertainment Center

Elevating Quantum Dot Display Technology to a new level, the TCL C725 4K QLED TV offers excellent value for those who want high-quality, interactive home entertainment as part of a connected and smart lifestyle.

With nearly 100% ultra-high colour gamut (DCI-P3), the Quantum Dot Display Technology in the C725 will deliver even more vibrant and diverse colours without the limitations of lower colour volume or shorter lifespans found in other colour technologies.

Dolby Vision ultra-vivid picture and Dolby Atmos immersive audio together with Onkyo deliver an audiovisual feast. The C725’s AiPQ Engine switches on the full potential of TCL’s big-screen TVs with real-time optimization for different entertainment or content genres.

P725 –Preferred 4K HDR TV with Dolby Experience

The TCL P725 is a 4K HDR TV featuring Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, delivering a stunning, high-quality, detailed experience, especially dynamic motion imageries and immersive audio.

Dolby Vision is an advanced imaging technology that combines high dynamic range (HDR) with wide color gamut capabilities to deliver ultra-vivid picture quality with incredible brightness, contrast, color, and detail.

Silky-smooth MEMC motion picture processing ensures crisper, no-blurring and stable imagery performance in fast-moving, action-packed scenes.

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