LG To Reinforce Industry Dominance With Ultimate TV Technology

LG Electronics (LG) is setting the standard for the TV industry once again with its most impressive premium TV lineup yet, featuring OLED, QNED Mini LED and NanoCell TVs. Featuring a CES 2021 Best of Innovation Award winner (model 48C1) as well as several Innovation Award honourees, LG’s flagship TV lineup has been upgraded inside and out with technology and features such as a new OLED panel, a new advanced LCD panel structure that combines Quantum NanoCell colour technology with mini LED backlighting for improved colour accuracy and greater contrast, and upgraded AI processor, and a redesigned webOS as well as a stunning new look for 2021.


LG’s 2021 OLED TV lineup represents the company’s most comprehensive range of OLED TVs to date, with exciting new models that come in more sizes and build on the brand’s legacy of superior picture quality. LG’s newest G1 series features OLED evo, the next step in the evolution of OLED TV technology that delivers better luminosity for higher brightness and punchy images with amazing clarity, detail and realism.

And when it comes to the ultimate viewing experience of OLED, LG is offering consumers more choice than ever before. The exceptional LG C1 series boasts a diverse range of size options, from the 48-inch version favoured by avid gamers to the new 83-inch model which will have all the neighbours inviting themselves over on movie night. What’s more, the new Gallery Standis an attractive alternative to the sleek, flush-to-the-wall Gallery Design mount for those who desire more flexibility in their interior planning.

LG’s latest intelligent processor, the α (Alpha) 9 Gen 4 AI, revamps the performance on the newest LG OLED TV models in the Z1, G1 and C1 series, LG QNED Mini LED TV models QNED99 and QNED95, and LG NanoCell TV models NANO99 and NANO95. The processor leverages deep learning to enhance upscaling, making content of any quality look picture-perfect on the large, self-emissive displays. LG’s newest processor features AI Picture Pro, which recognises onscreen objects such as faces and bodies  and distinguishes between foregrounds and backgrounds, processing each object independently to make images more three-dimensional. With its ability to detect content genre, the α9 Gen 4 processor further optimises picture quality, the amount of light in scenes, and ambient conditions in various viewing environments.

“Our commitment to raising the industry bar and increasing value for consumers are both clearly evident in the 2021 LG OLED TV lineup,” said Park Hyoung-sei, president of the LG Home Entertainment Company. “Featuring LG OLED evo, our most advanced panel technology yet, our newest OLED TVs are in a league of their own, delivering another level of viewing experience we feel confident in saying is second to none.”LG’s 2021 TV lineup, including self-lit LG OLED TVs, new premium LG QNED Mini LED TVs and more immersive NanoCell TVs with ultra-large screen size options will be on display in LG’s virtual exhibition booth during CES 2021, starting January 11.

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