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Just in from the Stockholm based modular electronics brand, Transparent, a new Kickstarter campaign as part of its latest home audio innovation, the Light Speaker. The innovative product has been meticulously designed and crafted to look like a real flame–what’s more interesting is the flame even reacts to the music! The pioneering, lantern-like portable speaker looks nothing less than a from the future. 


Transparent has launched this product as their first-ever portable speaker and the job has been well done. Painstaking design and effort have gone into making the Light Speaker resemble an actual flame. This flame is further enhanced with the light temperature and brightness right through to the characteristics of its movements. 

In order to achieve the unique and attractive design, Transparent has used a vibrating bass-and-light element that sits at the base of the speaker and subtly glimmers and glows in response to the music. Like the fire is dancing with the music! It also has an additional directional knob that enables you to alter the light from the subtle burn of coals, flickering candlelight to even a bright white reading light. 

The materials used to make this piece of “artech” are borosilicate glass with aluminium grills. As a result, it has the IPX2 weather rating so that you can enjoy listing to the sound it throws and seeing the visuals it produces indoors as well as outdoors. The massive 10 hours of battery life allows for long hours of entertainment. It is also extremely portable and has a detachable handle for easy transportation. So, whether you’re preparing dinner in the kitchen, nestling in for movie night or lazing in the bath, rest assured the Light Speaker can provide the soundtrack to any setting.

Considering its portable size, the Light Speaker offers big, open, omnidirectional sound delivering rich bass and crisp details. With a 5W power output, 2.5” full-range driver, passive 3” radiator, the Light Speaker features the brand’s signature sound, which is designed to channel the true intention of the artist. The Light Speaker also features the latest Bluetooth 5.0, as well as ‘True Wireless’ dual speaker streaming. A complete innovative package!

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