LuDbeat – wireless headphones with bone conduction technology

LuDbeat has introduced wireless headphones with innovative bone conduction technology. This incredible new piece of tech uses the bone conduction technology to transmit the sound by vibrating the temporal bone of the human skull. As a result, the outer ear canal is left open. It comes equipped with a collection of the most innovative features that the team at LuDbeat has tirelessly worked on and put together. 


The wireless headphones come packed with true wireless stereo, easy control, water-resistant IPX7, easy hands controlling, fast wireless charging, AI voice assistant, and compact design.

Sound through vibrations is directly transmitted to the inner ear through the bone. They are not necessary to take off during communication. In most cases, hearing loss results from damage to the eardrums. Since eardrums are not used with bone conduction, people with hearing impairments will be able to hear clearly again with bone conduction, provided that their cochlea is in a healthy and normal state. For many years this technology has been successfully used in medicine and military technology and more recently in consumer electronics.

Each headphone has a strong built-in Neodymium magnet. Another magnet is attached to the human body near the ear using a special patch. The headphones can be attached by:

  • Patch (one-off, replaceable, disposable material, complete set with headphones 365 pairs, which provides a one-year supply. If necessary, a new annual set can be purchased separately). 
  • Magnet (reusable component, 3 pairs in the complete set).

With a specially designed clasp, the earpiece can be attached to a helmet, baseball cap, glasses and sports bandage. This solution will help you comfortably use the headphones while playing sports, without worrying about getting lost on the way. 

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