LA music industry experts launch premium headphone brand in the UK

Ausounds has released a range of premium audio products to take the UK by storm. The audio products have been designed by some of the most innovative minds in the music business.


The Los Angeles brand with the help of its creative team has crafted a range of earphones with leading tech pack inside. The superior sound of these earphones is backed by features including hybrid planar-magnetic drivers, active noise cancelling developed to have zero effect on sound reproduction and IPX5 rating for use whatever the weather.

The starting price of the earphones range is £119.95, with its prices and features targetting a wide audience including music lovers and music creators.

Consumers have a wide variety of options to choose from. There are different models and colours with their own benefits. Moreover, consumers can also choose from in-ear and over-ear designs with features including true wireless, noise cancellation and wireless charging.

Ausounds want to make its mark on the UK music industry and is keen to collaborate with passionate unsigned musicians, producers and songwriters.

Marcus Sanchez, President and CMO, said: “The role of music creators in the industry is tantamount to everything; this is where our sound comes from.

“We wanted to create a brand that addresses the many needs of creators at all levels – in their everyday lives and in their work.

“Using our industry knowledge and working with music influencers and leaders, we are redefining the sound of audio.”

The innovative tech used by Ausounds compliments the style and design of the earphones in the new range. This attempt has been made in order to deliver the full music experience to the listener via the products. As a result, consumers are able to listen to music just as the producers and songwriters intended for it to be heard. 

The brand has also committed itself to support up-and-coming artists and talent, helping to drive forward the vibrant British music scene.

Brain Kennedy has become the company’s first brand ambassador as it starts work with music influencers and leaders. The first chosen brand ambassador is five-time Grammy Award-winning producer. 

The engineering team at Ausounds has used it’s years of experience in the areas of research and development for big established brands including Beats, JBL, Bose, and Sennheiser; winning multiple awards for audio performance and industrial design. As a result, they have been able to bring forward a comprehensive range of earphones loaded with the mos advanced tech to provide the best listening experience to users. 

Ausounds’ products are currently available to buy from Richer Sounds, iamaudio.co.uk and independent high street retailers.

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