Doro launches its easiest-to-use phone yet, tailored for seniors

Doro, the leading global supplier of telecommunication solutions for the seniors has announced the launch of yet another remarkable mobile phone for the seniors. This new device by Doro is the most user-friendly phone created by the company so far. The Doro 780X offers more than just a user-friendly interface. It is robust and comes with its added safety and security options. 


It comes packed with a wide range of functions and operating concepts that make it uniquely suited to meet the needs of anyone who is over 65 years of age. The new phone by Doro has some new features in store for users. It now has three large speed dial buttons that are placed on the front. Moreover, there is a safety timer and GPS localisation. In combination with the signature Response button located on the back of the phone, these features provide a high level of reassurance for the user and their relatives.

Peter Marsden, Managing Director, Doro UK & Ireland said: “We’re excited to announce the Doro 780X, the easiest-to-use and most user-friendly device in our range. The phone replaces the former Doro 580X and is truly unique. It combines Doro’s key design functions with features that let seniors connect with loved ones in the most straightforward way possible – perfect for our customers who favour simplicity over the latest gadgets and gizmos. 

With its added safety features and compatibility with our new Response by Doro service, we pride ourselves on the peace of mind that the phone gives our users and their families.” 

Doro 780X: Doro’s easiest-to-use mobile phone

The Doro 780X is an easy-to-use 4G, splash-proof mobile phone with three-speed dial keys – permitting the user to quickly call their closest loved ones.

Doro 780X features:

  • GPS-enabled Response button, giving the user peace of mind, wherever they may be
  • Safety timer – alerting responders if the timer is not deactivated within a set time window
  • This can be set before a variety of activities, giving the user an allocated time to complete a task. If not deactivated within the allocated time window, it will raise the alarm in case an incident has occurred
  • Loud and clear sound with HAC
  • Easy-to-read display with large font size
  • Large, clear buttons with three-speed dial keys
  • Headphone jack with USB charging port
  • IP54 rating – protecting the phone from exposure to excess dust, bumps and knocks, and water splashes
  • Cradle included in the box

The Doro 780X is compatible with the new Response by Doro service which allows users to trigger an alarm and call for assistance simply by pressing the Response button on the back of the phone:

  • Response by Doro – a free-to-use feature on compatible Doro phones that alerts pre-selected Responders, that are connected in the Seniors Circle of Care simultaneously, as well as sharing the GPS location of the senior in the event of an emergency.

The Doro 780X is available via the Doro website and Sarabec from £139.99.

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