7 Cool Gadgets That Make Every Senior’s Day-To-Day Life More Comfortable

Technology has improved our daily routines in many ways. From smart cars parking themselves as you rush to get into work to apps that allow you to distantly monitor your front door and its security systems, technology allows the average gadget adept to minimize the time they spend caring for themselves. 

Instead, this responsibility is shifted to the machine or software designed to facilitate their operations, with no risk of malfunctioning or eventually running out of steam. Excitingly enough, the tech industry has devoted much of its recent work to creating products geared towards the senior user, whose technology needs may both be health and comfort related. 

This soon-to-be $84 billion-dollar industry has created some of the coolest gadgets on the market. Here are a few gadgets for the tech-curious senior you or your loved one(s) are bound to enjoy. 

1. The Amazon Echo Flex 

The Amazon Echo isn’t exactly a new product; however, Amazon has worked diligently to bring daily updates to its initial design, facilitating its use for those with little to no tech awareness. 

The Amazon Echo allows you to delegate various home tasks (raising the thermostat, switching off lights, or playing your favorite songs) to a smart virtual assistant named Alexa, whose charming voice will respond to your every entertainment or smart home comfort request. 

The echo flex connects to the internet via your home’s Wi-Fi and can be plugged into any standard electrical socket or outlet in your home. The echo can install and update itself; therefore, there’s no need to call on someone or download large installation software to set it up.

2. EZ Key Turner 

If you’re looking for an every-day use gadget to facilitate your daily tasks, this might be it. Arthritis, joint pain, or even getting into your home carrying heavy grocery bags can make twisting your key into its door lock challenging. 

This can be frustrating for some seniors, who might risk joint damage from forcing their wrist into the necessary leverage, particularly if the lock is old or rusty. 

The EZ key turner is a cool, small gadget you can plop your key into, and comfortably twist your key’s teeth into the lock, using the same motion and a fraction of the effort you would use with a screw-motion bottle opener. This gadget is ideal for gifts.

3. Clip-On Book Light ( Fulcrum LIGHT IT 20010-301 LED Wireless Multi-Flex Clip On Task Light

Vision gets worse with age, and it is reported that the frequent use of smartphones and tablets may accelerate this deterioration. Yet, for many seniors, using Kindles to read seems the easiest option to obtain as much light as they need around the text they are reading. 

Fortunately, there now exists an alternative that will allow you to go back to traditional reading, basking in the glory of flipping the pages of your favorite books. 

While there are many clip-on book lights, the Fulcrum LIGHT IT 20010-301 constitutes our top clip-on book light because it is wireless; therefore, it only requires small batteries to function for hundreds of hours. It is also one of the most affordable options out there.

4. Smart Deadbolt

Unfortunately, seniors can often be at greater risk of burglary or robberies than younger adults because they are often (wrongly) believed to be easy targets. However, seniors are also more likely to invest in their protection, which is the niche Schlage was smart to exploit with their Smart Deadbolt system. 

The smart deadbolt will allow you to open your front door with multiple keys or codes you can distribute among your friends and family. In case of an emergency, the smart deadbolt even allows you to open the door remotely, using an app that will be installed on your smartphone as part of the locking system setup.

5. Smart Hearing Aids

While many companies have patented smart hearing aids technology, there’s still some way to go in developing a final product. Prototypes have been created and show exciting promise, allowing users to switch directly from using the aid to amplify the sounds around them, to connecting to the sound emanating from a smart gadget. 

If you aren’t certain whether you need a hearing aid in the first place, resources such as the Phonak Free Online hearing test are available to point to any existing problem. In case your hearing has indeed deteriorated, you will want to consult a medical hearing professional who may then place you on a waitlist for smart hearing aids as we anticipate their much-awaited drop on the tech market in a couple of years.  

6. The Self-Charging Robotic BoostIQ Vacuum Cleaner 

At any age, vacuum cleaning is hardly a chore anyone looks up to. Instead of overly exerting yourself with hours of bending, to remove some of the nefarious dust and potentially leave out stubborn portions in the less accessible corners, you’ll want to delegate that task to a machine designed to tidy your floors without bumping into objects or falling off ledges. 

The self-charging BoostIQ robotic cleaner is equipped with visual sensors that enable it to discreetly navigate your space, cleaning up as you go about your daily routine. 

7. The Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Cane Seat 

Not every gadget needs to be powered by smart technology to have a considerable positive impact on your life. The Drive Folding Cane Seat is a fantastic example of solving a common problem seniors face without the use of electricity or software. 

As the body ages, so do its vessels, compromising blood flow. Arthritis being so common among the senior population, many adults aged 65 and above are often required to use walking aids such as canes to facilitate their movement. 

Nevertheless, doctors will frequently advise their senior patients to go on walks to keep their joints healthy. The Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Cane seat will allow you to take a seat anywhere mid-walk and simply fold back the seat into a cane when you are done resting.

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