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Pass the Microsoft MS-900 Exam by Avoiding These Common Study Traps


Can Practice Tests Help You Pass?


Before starting your preparation for the exam, there are things you should know to pass it successfully. They include exam format, types of questions, topics tested, exam price, passing score to mention a few. All this contributes much to your success. This post is dedicated to the traps you should avoid that prevent you from passing the MS-900 exam and gaining the Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals badge. Let’s see what these traps are and how to avoid them. In society , you’ll know about the use of practice tests in this process.

Study Traps to Avoid When Preparing for the MS-900 Exam

There are several things that candidates do and which can reverse what they have gained so far or even stop them from starting their MS-900 test preparation with confidence. They are the following:

  • Not knowing where to begin

Not knowing where to start your lessons studies from can make you lose confidence. You should take control of your studies by planning well for them. Create a list of all the tasks that you need to consider. From there, you can break them down into manageable workloads. You can then schedule your time and start executing your plan.

  • Having a lot to study but your time is limited

This is another trap to avoid if you’re to pass the MS-900 test. The remedy is to begin surveying the exam topics, reading materials, and taking notes. Review the outline offered by profession on the exam’s page and see which topics carry more weight compared to the others. Also, identify the areas you haven’t understood yet and then concentrate on them. Get the gist of the issued topics and remember the details as well.

By previewing the exam topics or homework , you save time that you can use on the things that matter for the exam. Remember previewing isn’t enough in passing your exam. Organize your process in such a way that you use the most effective prep options and cover the tested topics in time. In addition, opt for updated practice test to find your weak areas and enhance your performance at the exam.

  • Assuming you already understand the subject matter

Guesswork can put you in great trouble. You need to test yourself to actually get the correct picture of your classwork preparedness. Create questions that target critical sections based on your notes. Consider what you learned in your course or what you came across when using your study guide.

However, the easiest way to check if you understand the exam’s content is to download readily available and reliable files called practice tests. These files with questions and answers from the previous exams are ideal tools for you to check your readiness for the exam and define your weak points. Practice tests allow you to fill in the gaps prior to the exam date and pass it at the first classroom .


Thoroughly studying for your MS-900 exam is great but unless you avoid the traps that might make the process less effective, you might not achieve the goal you are striving for.

Consider these issues and avoid them. Don’t miss using practice tests to check if you’re fine with the content. preschool  the MS-900 exam and earning the Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals badge is possible if you do the right things. Keep working hard and smart in your studies so that you can achieve the best!


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