Make room for your personality with the new Philips Hue Play gradient lightstrip, larger Filament bulbs and more

Signify, the world leader in lighting has brought forward some new Philips Hue products to keep the life in your homes alive. Now you can experience the thrill of the cinema right in your living room using the Philips Hue Play gradient lightstrip. You can also combine beautiful design with smart technology with Signify’s expanded Filament collection and the Philips Hue Iris limited edition, and finally, create the perfect personal ambience in your entire home with updated and new smart Philips Hue bulbs and light fixtures. Philips Hue enables you to reflect your personal taste and lifestyle with these new products.  


Light up movie night with the Philips Hue Play gradient lightstrip

Signify’s Philips Hue Play gradient lightstrip is the first by the company that is individually addressable, takin the whole entertainment experience to the next level. It produces a blend of multiple colours instead of just one and seamlessly mixes them together. You can attach the Play gradient lightstrip to the back of your TV that is either 55 inches or larger. Once attached, it will create a halo of reactive, dynamic light. The Play gradient lightstrip allows the users to fully immersive themselves in the movies, games, TV shows and music when combined with the light synching feature of Philips Hue. 

Philips Hue Iris: a new spin on a classic design


Signify has also revamped the classic Philips Hue Iris. It has been blessed with richer colours, lower-than-ever dimming, a significant increase in brightness (up to 570 lumens) when using white light, a fabric-wrapped cord, and Bluetooth capabilities. Apart from the two standard colours, black and white, the Philips Hue Iris is also available in four new limited edition colours including gold, rosé, silver, and copper.  

New Filament bulbs: the bigger the better


There have also been two new additions to the popular Philips Hue Filament collection. The White Filament G125 has a larger globe shape whereas the White Filament ST27 has a large Edison shape. Both the bulbs have larger form factors, adding diversity to the sizes in the already incredible portfolio of smart Filament collection from last year. Signify will give users even more variety when it comes to the connectivity, control, and aesthetics of their Philips Hue vintage-style smart lighting.

The perfect light for the dining table: the Philips Hue Ensis in black

The Philips Hue White and Colour Ambience Ensis pendant light in black has been inspired by the success of the Philips Ensis pendant light in white. It has turned out to be the perfect light accessory to your dining room table. The two integrated LED strips allow for up and downlighting, allowing it to create an incredibly perfect atmosphere and vibe for a romantic dinner or you could also tune it to make your home office setup more comfortable with functional light.

More new light bulbs

Signify has introduced their smartest bulb to date, the Philips Hue White Luster E14 bulb. This has been designed to enable the user to have control over the smallest light fixtures and lamps, keeping them smart and connected. This bulb offers wireless dimming capabilities, Bluetooth control in one room, and the ability to connect to an existing Hue Bridge-controlled smart lighting setup. Last but not least, the classic Philips Hue candle bulbs have been updated with Bluetooth capability for both White Ambiance and White and Colour Ambiance.  

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