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Gadget Tips: Tools you Need to Unlock Smartphone and Other Mobile Devices


Newly bought phones are usually locked for a given duration. This lock restricts the owner or user to a single carrier or network. Mobile device manufacturers might have valid reasons for locking their devices. Still, it means you can only use a particular carrier or network, as specified by the manufacturer or maker. 

By unlocking your phone and removing the tether to that specific carrier, you can then use different carriers and SIM cards with the phone. Unlocking a smartphone requires special tools and a certain degree of expertise. This is why most people opt to have their phones unlocked by experts. 

How to Unlock your Phone

Getting a phone unlocked is not as complicated as you might believe. The process has been made even simpler now that unlocking is legal, compared to when it was not. Here are ways for you to get your phone unlocked.


  • Unlocking your Phone Using an Expert Unlocking Service 

If you need to have your phone unlocked for an upcoming overseas trip or if you just want to change networks right away, you can get your phone unlocked on your own. Since the unlocking process is quite tricky and there’s always a risk that you might permanently damage your phone, it’s better to seek an expert unlocking service if you’re unfamiliar with the process. Depending on the kind of phone, you might need to take your phone to a physical location to unlock it.

In other cases, the expert unlocking service might be able to get the job done without you moving an inch. Official Sim Unlock is a top-notch service provider that’ll get your phone unlocked at an affordable price as soon as you provide them with the necessary information.


  • Phone Unlock through the Carrier

Your device may already be unlocked depending on where and how you got the phone. For instance, if you bought directly from Amazon or Apple, you might not need to unlock the device. Phones purchased from specific carriers will most likely be locked. Your phone will be unlocked after the criteria provided by your device manufacturer or provider has been satisfied.

The criteria will vary from phone to phone, manufacturer to manufacturer, or carrier to carrier. Some require that you remain active on their service for 40-60 days before it’s unlocked. Others require you to fully register the phone as owner. After all the criteria specified by the manufacturer has been fulfilled, you can request that your carrier unlock the phone. 

Remember, you still have to provide some information to the carrier before the phone unlocking process can be completed.


  • Unlocking your Phone Using a Software

If you have the technical know-how and you’d rather unlock your phone yourself, you can use some specific unlocking software to unlock your phone. Also, some phone unlocking mobile apps can be used to get the job done. Unlocking phone with software is a technical process that only tech experts should dabble into. Some software and app may be used as a standalone unlock product, while some need to be coupled with other apps or unlocking tools and accessories to get the device unlocked.

If you’d rather unlock the device yourself, and you have the technical expertise to do so, below are some of the tools you’d need to start the unlocking process. 


  • Activation Keys


When unlocking devices, you need activations keys as part of your unlocking tools. Phone manufacturers and network providers have different activation keys are required to unlock their devices. As long as you have the activation keys, it’ll be a breeze to get your device will be unlocked.


  • IMEI Keys


Not all phones require IMEI keys for activation of the unlocking process. If this is required for your type of phone, you might need to request the keys from your phone provider/manufacturer or have the keys coded by a professional phone unlocking service.


There are plenty of tools that you can use in unlocking your mobile devices. The most crucial detail you need to consider is the brand and carrier of mobile device you’re using. This is because different tools work for different phone brands and carriers. 

Unlocking your device through your carrier takes too long and, most of the time, you’ll need to wait until your contract is up. On the other hand, doing it on your own can be quite risky because you might end up permanently damaging your phone. This is why a professional device unlocking service is a great choice for most people.



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