Smart lighting for your daily living: WiZ launches a brand new generation of products in UK

Signify (Euronext: LIGHT) has introduced an all-new generation of the multi-protocol WiZ smart lighting system in Europe. The WiZ portfolio features a diverse range of incredibly yet affordable smart lights and accessories. They offer amazing ambience to see, read and live and come with an extremely easy setup process through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. 


The addition of the WiZ system perfectly supports Signify in its mission to let its consumers feel the magic of light through accessible smart lighting products that are intuitive in use.

“We are very excited to officially launch our Wi-Fi + Bluetooth WiZ Connected portfolio in Europe and make our products widely available. We are proud of our ecosystem that enables consumers to control their lights and accessories right out of the box, offering products as accessible and easy to use as normal lighting, but instead they’re smart and connected!”, says Jean-Eudes Leroy, Co- Founder and CEO of WiZ Connected.

Plug & Play: Simple and smart lighting for everyone

The setup process for the WiZ Connected portfolio lights and accessories is quite simple. All you have to do is screw in the WiZ light, download the WiZ mobile app on your smartphone and instantly enjoy the lighting experience. The pairing process is also pretty quick and easy thanks to the dual-protocol Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips. Signify has planned on expanding this to all of the WiZ product range in the future. The lights also offer various modes which users can choose from according to their liking. 

The newest and coolest products

The launch of the WiZ ecosystem in Europe means that the whole WiZ connected portfolio will now be widely available, but Signify simultaneously introduces multiple new and updated WiZ products and accessories:

  1. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth bulbs and spots in Colour and Tunable White, including the most powerful connected bulb on the market with the new 100W equivalent A67 (1600 lm) as well as the standard E27 bulb, GU10 spot, E14 candle and large round E27 bulb (G95). They all provide full colour to create a great ambience, brighten up your home with cool white and create a cosy atmosphere with warm white.
  2. A wide variety of WiZ Filament bulbs in Amber & Clear that combine great looks with smart technology and add a vintage touch to your home.
  3. The WiZ portfolio also includes luminaires, for example, the WiZ Hero table lamp which comes with a simple design that appeals to a natural lifestyle. And the WiZ Quest with an adjustable head for creating an indirect ambient light.
  4. Some really cool accessories to make your smart lighting even easier to control, including the existing WiZmote and our new WiZ motion sensor.
  5. The WiZ smart plug allows users to control their existing lights or devices with the WiZ app, so they can enjoy scheduling, voice control and away-from-home access.

Price & availability

The newest additions to the range include (with RRP):

Available in the UK from August 2020:

  • WiZ Smart Plug (£14.99)
  • WiZ Motion Sensor (£17.99) and WiZmote (£14.99)
  • WiZ WiFi Lightstrip
  1. 2mStarterKit£41.99
  2. 1mExtension£13.99
  • WiZ E27/G95, incl. Wi-Fi+Bluetooth
  1. Colour:£16.99
  2. Tunable White: £13.99
  • WiZ E27/A67, incl.Wi-Fi+Bluetooth
  1. Colour:£17.99
  2. Tunable White: £15.99
  • WiZ E27 & B22 /A60, incl. incl. Wi-Fi+Bluetooth
  1. Colour:£14.99
  2. Tunable White: £11.99 
  3. DimmableWhite,£9.99
  • WiZ GU10, incl. Wi-Fi+Bluetooth 
  1. Colour:£14.99
  2. Tunable White: £11.99
  3. DimmableWhite,£9.99
  • WiZ E14/C37 candle incl. Wi-Fi+Bluetooth
  1. Colour:£14.99
  2. Tunable White: £11.99 
  3. Dimmable white,£9.99
  • WiZ Filament range E27 incl. Wi-Fi
  1. A60 Tunable White (£12.99 clear, £13.99 Amber) 
  2. G95TunableWhite(£14.99clear,£15.99Amber)
  3. ST64TunableWhite(£13.99clear,£14.99Amber)
  4. G125TunableWhite(£15.99clear,£16.99Amber)
  5. E14 Tunable White ((£12.99 clear, £13.99 Amber)
  6. G200TunableWhite(£39.99clear,£39.99Amber) o PS160 Tunable White (£39.99 Amber)

UK Stockists include: John Lewis & Partners, Currys PC World, Argos and B&Q 

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