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Huawei Sound X speaker, developed in partnership with Devialet, set to launch in the UK


Huawei Consumer Business Group (CBG) today announced the Huawei Sound X speaker will be available to buy from 17th August on the Huawei Store (RRP £299.99). Customers who order the device before 30th August will also receive a free Huawei MatePad T8 tablet (RRP: £99.99).

Sporting a cylindrical rounded-off design with a glossy finish, the Huawei Sound X looks very similar to the Apple HomePod, except it’s heavier at 3.5kgs and comes with a chunkier power adapter.

The standout feature of the Sound X is its dual-woofers that utilize Devialet’s signature ‘Push-Push’ technology to cancel out vibrations, while still providing powerful bass frequencies. This means that the speaker won’t shake or distort when playing music at loud volumes or high frequencies. 

There’s a colorful LED on top of the speaker that supports gesture controls like placing your hand on top to mute playback. The bottom is covered in a wraparound fabric mesh that houses 6 full-frequency tweeters for 360-degree surround sound.

A Disruptive Joint Huawei-Devialet Effort

Before we talk about the specifications of the HUAWEI Sound X, let us first understand how the brand married exquisite craftsmanship with state of the art technology to produce this speaker. For the very first time, Huawei has joined forces with leading audio brand DEVIALET, with the promise to deliver a premium sonic experience through its latest smart speaker – HUAWEI Sound X. If you don’t know about it yet, Devialet is a global brand whose USP is its cutting-edge engineering and acoustic innovations that have delivered power-packed yet distortion-free sound.

Deeper Base with Devialet dual subwoofers

Most wireless speaker brands try to maintain their bass performance by having to produce undesirably large devices. The common observation is that small speakers have not been able to deliver quality bass tones. However, the all-new HUAWEI Sound X has defied all conventions by striking a beautiful balance between size and bass performance. Although the speaker is lightweight and compact, it does not compromise on its bass power at all – Thanks to the Devialet dual subwoofers.

The HUAWEI Sound X harnesses the power of Devialet’s dual subwoofers that project larger than life sounds and deeper, fuller bass tones. The visible subwoofers deliver a booming bass power of 60W and a rich sound intensity up to a whopping 93 dB. What’s even better? The bass hits as low as 40hz, with a peak-to-peak amplitude of up to 20mm, making you not only hear but almost touch, see, feel and taste the vibrations.

Wireless home speaker brands often try to maintain bass performance by making their products large and unwieldy. The HUAWEI Sound X represents an elegant solution to this dilemma, incorporating dual subwoofers that deliver 60W of booming bass while remaining compact for every day, all-purpose use. The innovative, visible bass unit creates a lasting visual impression to pair with the resonance of the audio.


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