AI-Powered Noise Cancelling True Wireless Earbuds


Noise-cancelling has been the game-changer in the earbuds and headphones industry. It has revolutionized the listening experience, setting up a high standard for all the top-notch brands in the industry. The ability of the technology to phase out background noise has changed how you immerse in music during a workout, office work or simply listening to music. However, there are drawbacks attached to having a good pair of noise-cancelling headset. You either have to pay hefty amounts to get one or you have to make comprise for bulky over-ear headphones. ReduxBuds have come up with an incredible solution for these two drawbacks with an affordable and lightweight pair of earbuds. 

Premium Noise Cancelling

The premium noise-cancelling system in the ReduxBuds is powered by AI. In order to ensure the most effective phasing out of background noise, the noise-cancelling system is always active. Therefore, no matter where you are, whether at the metro station or in the office, no outside noise will disturb you. The technology in the earbuds is so amazing that there really is no going back once your ears have had the pleasure of listening through them. 

Transparency Mode

Having active noise cancelling is incredible. However, there are times when you don’t require the feature to be active. This is where the transparency mode kicks in which is incredibly easy to access. It works so perfectly that you can keep the earbuds on while sitting in a meeting and you won’t have any problem listening to what your colleagues have to say. Once it has ended, you can go back to the noise-cancelling experience quickly. 

100-hour battery life

What most noise cancelling earbuds out there lack is good battery life. ReduxBuds comes packed with an incredibly massive battery life that it puts all other competitors on the market to shame in this regard. With a full charge on the earbuds and the battery case, you can have up to 100 hours of listening before you will need to juice them up again. This is not it. Once you run out of battery in the charging case, you can juice it up in a matter of 15 minutes for another three hours of battery life thanks to the quick charge support. 


Another thing at the core of the ReduxBuds is the comfort they have to offer. The buds have been designed keeping in mind the ergonomic standpoint, ensuring that they perfectly fit in your earlobes to provide the best audio experience. Moreover, in order to have the best communication experience, the microphones are built into the earbuds, ensuring that whatever you say is clearly sent over to the other side. 


Unlike many other earbuds on the market, ReduxBuds come equipped with the IPX5 standard rating for water resistance. As a result, you can put them through the daily sweat and rain and it won’t bother them a bit. Moreover, the earbuds also offer Siri and Google Assistant compatibility, allowing you to have greater control over the whole listening experience. 

All these features and more add up to a massively impressive package, and you can pre-order ReduxBuds online here right now. Best of all, there’s a pre-launch offer that takes them from their retail price of $250 down to just $125, a massive saving, so jump aboard now if you’re interested in using them.

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