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Wall mount free installation with Master Lock’s Universal Select Access Key Lock Box


Master Lock has, the famous American security brand has proudly extended its range of key lockboxes with the launch of its all-new easy to install Universal Select Access Key Lock Box. The exciting thing about this new addition by Master Lock is the portability and the convenience of access to your keys/fobs it offers. There is no other integrated lockbox product on the market that features an adjustable shackle for secure use on almost any type of door handle. This is a great product for Airbnb hosts who have to share access to their space with multiple users. It offers easy to share access without the hassle of wall mounting.  

Apart from offering robust security, the Universal Select Access Key Lock Box also offers a customizable combination key. It is a card and key storage device that provides versatility in installation options thanks to its adjustable shackle. You can easily fix or remove it from door handles in varying shapes and sizes including levers and knobs. As a result, there is no need to drill holes for permanent fixing in your wall or door making it perfect for renters as a temporary access solution. Access to the Universal Select Access Key Lock Box can be achieved using a preset four-digit combination code. There are 10,000 different code combination possibilities which makes it even more versatile and secure. 

The dials on the device are evenly spread out allowing users to easily enter the code without making any mistakes or misdials. The lever for opening has a grip which makes it easy to handle with comfort and has ample area to push down as it is wider than most models available in the market currently. This is an incredible feature for anyone suffering from joint pains and hand mobility.  

The key safe features a zinc construction with a hidden hinge and recessed internal compartment for robust resistance against jamming and attacks. The solid body is a further line of defense which helps withstand hammering and sawing, and the clever door design offers even a further challenge to lever attacks. 

The device has an all-round robust and secure design keeping your keys more secure than ever. It also features large internal space measuring (8.8 x 5.7 x 3.2 cm) allowing you to store multiple keys and/or access cards. It can also withstand hard weather conditions such as freezing and rain thanks to a front weather cover. Master Lock’s 90 plus years of security expertise goes into the making of the device which ensures a perfectly produced security device that is reliable and robust. 

Lock 5420EURD Universal Select Access Key Lock Box is available from a variety of retailers including Amazon.co.uk. For more information please visit www.masterlock.eu – SRP from £39.90

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