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R3 Music System Compact Design, Sublime Sound


The British audio brand Ruark has announced it’s all-new beautiful R3 all in one music system. It builds upon the company’s human-first approach to technology. 

Ruark has been working on the theme that good design is what everyone deserves and this is what they have done with the smart and elegant R3 system which allows people to enjoy their lives a little bit more. It brings forth a combination of a dapper, upscale design with a versatile and playful form factor, topped off by a sublime sound that belies its compact stature. Another incredible thing about the system is the flexibility it brings which gives users the ability to do more with than they would have thought to be possible. 

Being the leading purveyor of stylish standalone sound systems, Ruark has designed the R3 which reflects modern life and the modern home with its versatility of placement. You can place it anywhere including the living room, kitchen, bedroom, study, or bathroom, it can fit seamlessly into any living area where space is at a premium – without any compromise on performance or style.

Ruark has continued its trend of eye-catching design language by using a combination of tactile and luxurious materials in the new R3 sound system. It exudes quality and premium craftsmanship, from the curvaceous form of the hand-crafted cabinet to the coolness of the glass display, the warmth of the woven fabric grille to their trademark RotoDial controller.  

This superbly versatile and compact one-box wonder offers comprehensive listening options for every music fan. Stream songs from your favorite music services such as Spotify Connect, TIDAL, Amazon Music, and Deezer over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth aptX, access its Smart Radio functionality to tune into the internet, DAB/DAB+ or FM stations, or spin a CD using the onboard player.

You can also make R3 a part of your TV and Smart Home set-up. It is possible with the digital and analog inputs so devices such as TV, Alexa Echo Dot, or Google Home Mini can be easily connected.

The compact R3 has been designed and crafted with more than three decades of high-end audio expertise and pedigree. As a result, the performance it has to offer is similar to a larger system’s performance with separate speakers. The NS+ loudspeaker units have been perfectly housed in a tuned cabinet. It also features a low-reflection air-flowed chassis, powerful neodymium magnet system, and lightweight cone assembly, these drivers provide a full-range performance that belies their size.

Driving the system is a high-fidelity two-channel Class A-B amplifier, and with our own algorithms and the latest digital sound processing, we have been able to finely control the sound at every level to provide detail and a realistic sound stage that exceeds R3’s compact profile. Whatever your taste in music R3 is a remarkable all-in-one system that fulfills the needs of even the most discerning listener.

R3 comes in Rich Walnut or Soft Grey lacquer finishes and it will be available from August 2020 through our select dealer network, including John Lewis and many other quality independent retailers. 


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