Huawei announces new partnerships with Samsonite and Karcher


Huawei Consumer Business Group has introduced the details of a revolutionary new experience for consumers. This is backed by new partnerships with world-leading global brands which include Samsonite and Karcher. A total of five new partnerships have been announced by Huawei in an attempt to expand its 1+8+N ecosystem with new additions every week.

  • Samsonite the world’s leading luggage brand has entered into a partnership with Huawei. Moving beyond the home to offer connected benefits while traveling, Huawei users can simply tap their device on the Samsonite smart lock to lock their suitcase.
  • Kärcher is the world’s leading provider of cleaning technology. The brand is renowned for bringing innovative cleaning solutions to the market, the latest of which being the HUAWEI HiLink Kärcher Water Purifier. Huawei users can detect their water purifier’s filter life and water quality in real-time using the Huawei AI Life app on their device.
  • 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner has also been added to the ecosystem, providing an intelligent and automated floor cleaner that can be remotely controlled and monitored using the Huawei AI Life app on a Huawei device.
  • Joyoung Intelligent Thermostatic Electric Kettle has partnered with Huawei, allowing users to remotely control and monitor their kettle using the Huawei AI Life app on a Huawei device. Making a cup of tea or coffee has never been easier.
  • OPPLE Lighting provides a range of lighting solutions, including smart lighting. Integrating seamlessly into the Huawei ecosystem, users can now control their OPPLE smart lamps using the Huawei AI Life app on a Huawei device.

Huawei is not just focusing on adding new hardware partnerships. Some of the focus has also been seen in the rise of apps added in the well known Huawei AppGallery in the UK 

including the Premier League, UKTV, Bolt, RingGo, Arsenal Official App, Nandos, Badoo, and Superdrug. These apps have joined the pool with already existing popular apps such as Snapchat, Zoom, Deezer, JD Sports, Shpock, Depop, My Vodafone, Lidl, B&Q,, Ryanair, and Trivago. Another important step that Huawei recently took is its announcement of the Petal Search Find Apps which is a tool designed to help consumers find additional apps from trusted sources across the web.

Huawei’s long term business plan is strictly circling around the innovative 1+8+N product and software ecosystem. The Seamless AI Life experience by Huawei is all set to enable users to stay connected at all times and without any hassle. Huawei has strategized to move the attention of expansion to product focus areas, putting an increased emphasis on audio, wearables, PCs, tablets, and other categories of connected technology. In order to make connectivity seamless and convenient for its users, Huawei’s newly announced range of IOT ecosystem partners and AppGallery applications are doing a perfect job. You are just a tap away from connecting and enjoying the rich benefits of a Seamless AI Life. 

Andrew Garrihy, Global Chief Brand Officer of Huawei’s Consumer Business Group, commented: “Huawei has won the hearts of consumers around the world with our innovative and often ground-breaking technology. Now we are bringing this technology together for everyone via our 1+8+N ecosystem of products and software. Thanks to our Seamless AI Life experience, users can simply tap to connect in the most effortless way, opening up a world of possibilities through Huawei Share, multi-screen collaboration, and more. By providing a Seamless AI Life experience for consumers everywhere, we hope to bring the world together and help people stay connected.”

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