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Technics Brings Premium Sound And Class-leading Noise Cancelling To True Wireless Headphones


Technics 55 years of experience in premium audio innovation has been used by the company to craft out its first true wireless headphones. The final product of this innovation is the Technics EAH-AZ70W. It offers high-end acoustic performance combined with industry-leading noise-canceling complemented by a beautiful luxurious design to give users the ultimate premium experience both in looks and sound. 

The Technics Sound

The EAH-AZ70W produces rich bass and a transparent sound across the frequency range. This is achieved with the help of the large 10mm dynamic driver installed in it with a diaphragm composed of graphene-coated PEEK material. As a result, the sound produced is of the quality you expect from Technics. 

Each earbud also comes packed with an Acoustic Control Chamber which is specifically designed to control airflow and optimize the balance of rach frequency. This aids in the production of energetic yet rich sound for which Technics is renowned. 

Then comes the industry-leading noise-canceling which the EAH-AZ70W features. It comes packed with Dual Hybrid Noise Cancelling Technology which is composed of Feedforward and Feedback Noise Cancelling allowing it to capture both the noise inside and outside the headphones. The best in its class noise-canceling performance is then achieved with the combination of analog and digital processing. No matter where you are, inside or outside of the home, it perfectly blocks out the world so you can have great listening and speaking experience.   

An Exquisite Experience 

Stable Connection

Even if you find yourself in the most crowded places, a stable connection is still maintained. In order to achieve this, each earbud is separately connected via Bluetooth. This is achieved through the proprietary antenna structure which is combined with a Left-Right Independent Signalling System. The result is a perfect sonic balance and maximum signal integrity. 

Excellent Call Quality

The MEMS microphones provide supreme call clarity. They are built in a unique labyrinth cabinet structure which enables them to suppress wind noise and produce crips sounding voice. The RZ-S500W takes it one step further with its beamforming technology through the use of two microphones which allows it to pick up speech and suppress ambient noise for the clearest possible calls. 

Ambient Sound Mode 

Ambient Sound is a great option to hear external sounds while listening to your content. You can choose this option for those moments when you need a short interaction whether working from home or on a commute. All you need to do is simply tap the touch sensor to move between Noise Cancelling and Ambient Sound and OFFF. 

Voice Assistant Compatibility (Siri/Google Assistant) 

The headphones have support for all known voice assistants including Siri and Google Assistant. You can easily activate them via the touch sensor. Touch sensor support for Amazon Alexa will also be added later this spring. For now, you can activate it from the Alexa mobile app.

Long-lasting Battery 

For a prolonged listening experience, a good battery is required for any headphones. This is what the new headphones by Technics bring for the user. The EAH-AZ70W provides 6 hours of continuous playback with noise cancellation turned on. The charging case offers two more full charges for a total of 18 hours of playback time.

Technics EAH-AZ70W (£239) are available from authorized Panasonic dealers, in a choice of black or white finishes

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