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The pandemic has everyone stuck in their homes. Practicing social distancing means no more going out with friends and family. But for kids, it is a kind of a relief as they don’t have to go to school anymore. However, sitting at home, their learning is incredibly affected. Small kids have an age range where their learning capabilities are at the peak. To aid parents to make the best out of this time, has brought forward an amazing platform, giving children the chance to continue their learning about space, technology/coding, and other science topics in a virtual summer camp setting.

Some fun space-themed classes/camps include Intro to Space Summer Camp, All About Stars Camp, Explore Space with NASA’s Hubble Telescope, Astronomy Course in Minecraft, and many, many more.

This is an incredible way for children to learn through a virtual setting. A NASA scientist is also enlisted as a faculty member for the camp. Anyone who has had their summer camp canceled, here is a great opportunity to use the vacations wisely and learn about outer space and the science of this world. 

You also have the ability to customize your child’s learning. There is an option to explore several courses to find what interests your child. A range of 15000+ classes allows you to explore areas from phonics to AP Physics to Minecraft to Piano. The video classes which take place in small groups allow your children to learn and gain confidence in and out of the live classroom. To top it all, the range of inspiring and professional teachers take it to a whole new level including artists, scientist, and inspired adults with the expertise to share. Those who have something to share with the world can also apply for teaching. 

Here’s a compilation of the coding/tech offerings for kids of all ages The first $50 in classes is free by visiting

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