ROIDMI X30 Pro: high-tech vacuum cleaner that ticks all the boxes

To me, cleanliness is one of those necessary evils that slows folk down. Good tools are handy, making a good vacuum cleaner top of the priority list. The ROIDMI X30 Pro is pretty much the device for the job. It builds on the great design of the ROIDMI X20, and gives us even more power, more battery life and a bigger area to capture all that dust.

ROIDMI X30 Pro – Features

  • Cordless Vacuum Cleaner and Mop
  • OLED colour screen
  • Bluetooth connectivity for app
  • Novaran Antimicrobial Coating
  • 120,000 RPM motor
  • NEX-V brush
  • Magnetic Charge
  • Multiple attachments
  • Up to 70 minutes battery life
  • 2 years warranty

In the box

You get all the following accessories in the box:

Included also is the charger with a universal plug (I love that they have thought of this), a spare filter, filter removal tool, and more importantly, a hair cutting safety blade to keep your brushes clean!

The suction and the mop

The suction of this does not disappoint. While the normal mode does a pretty decent job, you can go up to levels more for even higher powers of suction. While the battery goes out quickly, the higher power mode is really useful if you are pressed for time and want to just get on with things.

Also packed in is a mop, which allows you to add water (and even a bit of floor cleaner/anti-bacterial liquid) in it. The mop just attaches magnetically to main cleaner, and lets you go over hard floors with relative ease. While it doesn’t scrub,  the vacuum picks up dust and this applies a nice clean wet wipe after. This makes for a very happy kitchen floor in my house! You can also wash the mop brush so it stays clean and effective.

Pet brush

The image on the website shows a cat with the pet brush. I like the idea. I also like how it is built. I also like how the brush has a hair cleaning function, allowing you to clean it efficiently. However, I have to report that my cat was having none of that! As the vacuum turned on, off they both went!

Mite/mattress brush

This is probably my favourite attachment. It basically turns the whole thing into a ‘tiny portable’ vacuum cleaner that works on everything from mattress and pillows, all the way to quickly cleaning carpets, etc. The rolling brush at the end helps effectively pick up things, and it is highly effective for areas like stairs or smaller/harder to reach areas.


I did notice that this particular model clogs a lot easier if it ends up being nearer bigger items (like loose bits of paper/cardboard – I have a toddler!). This can easily be removed, which makes it good and handy. You do feel the vacuum trying to deal with the problem. It sucks, and it sucks harder, and it sucks even harder, and it will either clear the problem, or it will just stop with the error on the useful LED screen.

The OLED screen

I like the idea of it, it is a neat feature. It is useful, and tells you all you need, including the kind of error you may have had.

More information

More information on the ROIDMI X30 Pro and their other range can be found on the ROIDMI website.

It is (at the time of writing) available via their Indiegogo campaign.

The retail price will be $599, but if you buy via their Indiegogo campaign (till 25th of May, 2020), you can get it for $499.


This one device does everything is exactly the kind of vacuum cleaner that is needed in a typical British home. It is small, light, effective, and packs all the attachments you need.


Model X30 Pro X30
Color Space gray/Taiji color Taiji color
Display OLED Color screen LED screen
Total Rated Power 435W 435W
Brushless DC motor 120000Rpm 120000Rpm
Vacuum 26500Pa 26500Pa
Endurance 70 min 70 min
Noise 75dB 75dB
Suction Power 165AW 165AW
Lithium Battery
2500mAH/72Wh 2500mAH/72Wh
Charging Time 2.5h 2.5h
Charging method Magnetic absorption wireless charging Magnetic absorption wireless charging
ZiWei Sterilization Support Support
filtering system HEPA+Rear filter HEPA+Rear filter
Dust cup capacity 0.55L 0.55L
Product size 1191*249*164mm 1191*249*164mm
Total Weight 2.7Kg 2.7Kg
Accessories Water tank components
Mattress brush
brush combination
Pet brush
Extension hose
Water tank components
Mattress brush
brush combination
Extension hose

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