How To Turn Your Garage Into A Workshop

If you’re a keen DIY fan or have hobbies like building models, tinkering with electronics, or any other hobby that needs a dedicated space, your garage can be a great place to convert into a workshop. You could convert the whole garage or create a space at the back if you’re still using the garage to store your car. Here’s how to make a great workshop in your garage. 

Work Out A Floor Plan

Start by measuring up the floor space you have available. It will be easier to make the space work if you know how much space you have available. Put your workbench against a wall that has an electrical outlet on it. This will make it easier to plug in any tools you’re using without trailing cables all over the garage. Leave yourself plenty of space to move around in front of your workbench so you can work. 

Decide where you are going to store your tools. A rolling tool chest is useful, as you can move it around to wherever you need it. A cabinet installed over your workbench is also a convenient option, as you can easily reach anything you need. Think about other storage you need. Do you need a space to rack up wood? Do you have larger pieces like a table saw to store? Don’t forget a large trash can too. 

Add Light

A workshop with the right lighting will be a great space to work in at any time of day or night. Lepro LED high bay lights are useful for tall garages, or you could fit under cabinet lighting if you have storage fitted over your workbench. Bright lighting around your workspace will help you to see small parts that you’re working with, like springs and screws. If you can’t run more electric wiring to your garage or don’t have many sockets, then battery-powered LED lighting can be a good alternative, as they don’t need to be wired into place or to be professionally fitted. Light your work area, and this, when added to the overhead lighting in the garage, should be enough to give you plenty of light to work by. 

Add A Seat

You want your workbench stool to be made a solid material. Measure the height of your workbench so you can make sure the stool is the right height, so you have room for your knees under the bench but won’t be hunched over it at an uncomfortable angle either. Make sure the stool is one you can sit comfortably for long periods of time. An adjustable mechanism on your stool is a useful thing, so you can change the height as you need. A stool with some padding on the seat and a backrest is also going to really add to your comfort level. 

A garage workshop can be a great idea to give you a good space to work and keep the DIY mess under control and out of the house. 

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