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Create an atmosphere with highly customizable light wherever you want

Sia team is bringing to its customers the Sia smart lamp featuring functionality alongside minimalism, providing not only light feature. The company aims to raise 7000 US dollars in order to initiate the mass production of the smart lamp. It will be made available for pre-order throughout the globe. 

Sia smart lamp is based on WiFi and has the ability to create a hotspot of its own allowing you to choose your style. You can control the lamp with any device that is connected to the same WiFi as the lamp. Users also have the option to switch modes and use it outdoors or in an internet-free zone. 

The lamp comes with premium quality batteries with a 6800 mAh capacity. It also supports quick charge feature as it has a USB-C port for charging. You can always find the right effect to match your mood and make your day even better. There are 25 effects in total. Plus, alarm function, highly customizable, that will help to create smooth woke up experience You can choose the time period of dawn that you like. 

The lamp is also easily manageable form the touch button placed on the top in case you are in a situation where you cant use any device to manage it. However, the best features of the lamp can be experienced using lamp control via the special mobile application. Effects, timer, alarm, settings – that’s all you can manage in one simple app.


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