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Pixello Launches on Kickstarter


Pixello has brought forward a chance to digitize yourself with their affordable human full-body 3D scans. This will allow everyone for use in viewing, importing in games and 3D printing. 

Users now get the chance to have their choice of a 3D model of themselves by backing Pixello for display or even a game avatar for compatible games. Moreover, they can also get a 3D print, essentially a 3D picture of themselves or their relatives. 

3D scans that are possible today were also possible 5 years back when the Pixello project was initiated. However, it is not common among users because depending on the technology used it will be a mix of long, slow to deliver, require manual work, poor quality (model and color) and very expensive. A poor quality model by the company which was a scan file only of a 3D scan costed them over 150€. However, the company aims to bring this price a lot lower so that it is affordable for most around 29€ (19€ early bird – 500 available). 

The solution by Pixello is by going with a completely custom approach. On the other hand, current 3D scans offered by shops use off the shelf 3D scanning techniques that have been used on arbitrary objects for decades, we designed our solution from scratch to work only on humans and make a leap both in quality and efficiency. The company is offering 0 touches up, instant capture, < 5 minutes reconstruction 3D scans starting at 14€ (9€ early bird– 500 available) viewable before you even leave the shop, sent by email for download.

Pixello has been designed as a custom machine. It is based around the use of over 220 Raspberry Pi and their respective Cameras, as well as the Pi PoE Switch HAT from Pi Supply that is built for the company’s in house, developed software solution, and vice versa. This human-only approach, as well as a very tight dependency between the machine and reconstruction software running on our servers, allows us to offer you

“Pixello’s target with game avatars is the always renewing gamer audience at a target price point that can talk to them and their friends. This is your chance to play with friends who look like friends in compatible games!” – Ronan Thibaudau

“While mainly talk about game avatars, there is also a truly untapped market in 3D printed models that are just not affordable enough yet for the mass market, Pixello along with cheaper and better 3D printers will help bring that down and keep lifetime memories (wedding, graduation) in a whole new dimension!” – Jacques Pinto


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