Mixer announces new feature updates


Microsoft announced today that it is rolling out new features and improvements to its Mixer game streaming service.

They include:

Improved Mixer homepage. The Mixer homepage has been refreshed across all supported platforms to better focus on featured content and provide smarter, AI-powered recommendations. The new layout also displays all featured creators at the same time.

Auto-Hosting is now available for everyone. Auto-Hosting is now available to every streamer on the platform. This feature lets you create lists of specific streamers that you want to automatically host when you’re offline, and there are new customization options too. Auto-Hosting is configured in the Broadcast dashboard.

Improved emotes. Answer a top community request, Microsoft has improved all emotes to 28 pixels on all platforms, and it has added new prefixing requirements.

Ad Break. Now available in Beta, Ad-Break lets partners test advertising as part of the full package of monetization opportunities on Mixer.

Xbox viewing improvements. The new Xbox viewing experience has been built from the ground up, Microsoft says, and offers dramatically better performance plus a lot of new features.

Partner badging on the Mixer homepage. Microsoft has added new partner badging to make it easier to find Mixer partner channels on the homepage.

Notifications improvements. Microsoft has added a new notification bell to the pages of channels you follow so you can better control which channels will trigger “go live” notifications.

Clips creation improvements. Clip creation is now available in the Mixer app on iOS and Android, and it respects the Rank, Subscriber, and Moderator permissions that Mixer partners and verified channels have set.

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