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emporia introduced four new 4G devices to the UK; both feature and smartphones


emporia has announced four new state-of-the-art 4G devices in the UK market. The aim of bringing these devices to consumers is to offer connectivity in the form of simple and easy to use phones.

“We put ease of use first because that’s what senior citizens want,” says Eveline Pupeter, owner and CEO of emporia telecom.


This one is a user-friendly smartphone packed in a compact packaging. All your smartphone needs will be fulfilled with this one that too with an easy to use interface. The highlight features of the smartphone include 8mp and 5mp cameras, long battery life, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS. The 4.95-inch touchscreen has a large, clear screen for users to navigate easily and read from. It offers a point of reference so that they can independently learn more about their device without relying on family, friends or mobile stores. SRP: £150


This is an incredibly smart combination of the best elements of a smartphone and feature phone. It does not just have a touch screen but a well-spaced keypad to give you the best of both worlds. Moreso, it comes with a dedicated WhatsApp button for all the texters. Like all emporia phones, it also has an emergency assistance call function, camera, radio, and torch, and is dust and splash-proof thanks to its nano-coating (IP54). SRP: £150


With extra-large illuminated keys, this latest bar phone by the company has a large display. This makes it easy to read the text. Additionally, it comes with a high contrast which is optional. The best part is that it is hearing aid compatible. This feature phone is ideal for users who have no need for smart features like the internet or WhatsApp but do require a device with practical applications, geared towards their hearing and dexterity abilities. SRP: £90


This is a clamshell, or flip, device, for users who are looking for a stylish yet simple to use a feature phone. Like the emporiaACTIVE, the ACTIVEglam also runs on the AndroidGo operating system and offers the same essential features like illuminated keys, emergency call function, hearing aid compatibility and a camera; in a compact and secure design.
SRP: £100

Millington says: “There are huge opportunities within the UK retiree category to provide handsets that mirror the needs of the users, at an accessible price point. Not one user in this demographic is the same when they reach retirement at 66; some are quite dependent internet users, whereas others may require a device more suited to their dexterity and simpler application needs. Quite simply, this means these customers need mobile phones that give them each the ability to communicate easily with family and friends. I’m delighted to introduce these four new devices to the UK market that I believe offer exactly that.”

Studies* commissioned by emporia have shown that older people want to retain independence in their lives – and this includes using the latest means of communication. “Retirees don’t want to have to ask someone how to send a photo via WhatsApp, email or SMS; they simply want to do it.”

“In our research, we found that more than 90% of those surveyed say that they value contact with relatives and friends. With the embedded WhatsApp button on our smart devices, they can be more involved in their families and friends’ lives – a simple picture share, or video call can strengthen that communication,” says Pupeter.

The new 4G VoLTE-compatible devices are available now from Scotts of Stow, Amazon, and emporia’s webshop. The two feature phones will be available from March.

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