Sound takes flight


Libratone BIRD Bluetooth speaker is an incredible addition to your nest. Libratone has launched the all-new BIRD Bluetooth speaker in regard to their 1oth birthday celebrations as well as to complement the upcoming season of spring. It is a colorful wireless Bluetooth speaker that comes with extra charm. It is extremely userfriendly and petite bringing the brand to life in an original way. Available in pink and blue and retailing exclusively in the UK via Libratone’s own website – for £59, BIRD is the perfect tweet for you or a loved one.

The Design

The BIRD comes with interactive touch controls that are designed to make it extremely user-friendly. You can bring the speaker to life by simply turning its head or tapping its forehead or touching its tail. How cool is that? BIRD is also compatible with your voice assistant and you can enjoy BIRD chirping back its responses. 

This wireless speaker is both cute and practical. With over 10 hours of battery time, and weighing an extremely portable 145g, BIRD is easy to pack in a bag and fly along with you to your next destination. Whilst for the lovebirds or those simply wanting bigger sound, you can connect two BIRDs to make them sing together. 

BIRD also comes with a magnetic base, which means it is happy to perch on any metallic surface, whilst a separate, optional holder means you can also give BIRD its own permanent nesting place. 

Freshly hatched and the perfect gift this spring, BIRD is on sale now at

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