Citizen CZ-01

Citizen CZ-01 Photo Printer Delivers Professional Quality and Performance in an Ultra-Compact Body

Citizen CZ-01

Citizen has launched the smallest and most portable events printer it has ever produced. At 5.8kg, the Citizen CZ-01 might not be a pocket printer – but it sets a new standard for events printers, which are widely used by professional photographers to produce prints to sell at weddings, sporting events, and at leisure venues (such as theme parks).

The Citizen CZ-01 is in fact under half the weight of Citizen’s best-selling model and occupies less than half of its footprint. Printing on rolls of 4-inch or 4.5-inch paper, it can print a standard 6×4 inch print in 18 seconds.

You might not have heard of dye-sublimation printers before. Unlike instant print technologies, like Instax or Zink, the paper and dye are not contained in the print. And unlike inkjet printers, there are no ink tanks. Instead, the dye is supplied by rolls of ribbon which is heat transferred onto the paper. The ink ribbon roll is sold with the roll of paper, ensuring that paper and ink run out at precisely the same time – and minimizing wastage – with the ribbon being the same length and width as the roll of paper. The running costs work out at less than 25c / 20p per 4x6in print. 

The advantage of dye sublimation comes in the quality of the results, the speed, and the ease of set up – hence the popularity of this type of printers with photographers that have to sell prints in a variety of locations.


Small and light dye-sub printing for both home and expert applications

Creating an entirely new segment within the Citizen range, the light, and compact CZ-01 4″ photo printer will produce stunning photographs for enthusiast photographers, as well as those looking for an affordable solution for professional and commercial applications. The CZ-01 weighs just 5.8Kg – a full 8Kg less than the Citizen CY-02 photo printer, making it easy to transport and handle. Additionally, it occupies just 31% of the volume and 44% of the CY-02’s footprint, ideal if you need a small photographic printer that doesn’t compromise on performance.

  • Compact & lightweight – just 5.8Kg
  • New anti-curl function for perfectly flat prints
  • New cooling system for volume printing applications
  • 4 x 6” ” and 4.5 x 8” media available
  • 150 prints per roll of media (4 x 6” media)
  • Eco-friendly with 28% power consumption reduction
  • Windows, Mac drivers and SDK (Software Development Kit) for direct integration with professional software solutions available

Gary Andrews, EMEA Business Manager, Photo Printers, Citizen Systems Europe, said: “The CZ-01 is a potential game-changer. A professional photo printer has been squeezed into a highly portable, lightweight and compact body. Furthermore, the accessible price point will open up the market between pro and consumer. It’s the perfect photo printer for professional and enthusiast photographers alike.”

Citizen’s latest release signifies the brand’s commitment to the photographic sector. Expanding the global brand’s printer range demonstrates Citizen’s dedication to producing the world’s best specialist printers; a feature that is apparent across the entire group. Those keen to trial the new Citizen CZ-01 range should contact their local Citizen Photo Reseller.

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