LG’s revolutionary steam closet – LG styler – to launch in the UK from February 2020

LG styler

For much of the world, contemporary laundry chores involve multiple, tedious steps. First, the washing machine. Then, the dryer. Finally, sorting, folding and storing. And as for cleaning your expensive, delicate fabrics? That’s a special trip to your local dry cleaning vendor.

Unless, of course, you forego all of these steps and opt instead for the LG Styler. The Styler isn’t a full-on laundry replacement. It’s a so-called clothes manager, a closet-sized machine that steams, shakes and dries your clothes so that after a long day of work, they’re ready for another go around that same night.

While it doesn’t take the place of the dry cleaner or iron, this smart-home appliance extends the life of dry cleaning, makes your clothes smell fresh while removing allergens, dust, smoke, and sweat, and will perfectly press any pair of pants you have. The Styler does not require plumbing, just an electrical outlet, making it flexible enough to fit into a mudroom, laundry room, master closet or anywhere in the home. 

At the core of the Styler is LG’s TrueSteam™ technology, which eliminates over 99.9 percent of the germs and bacteria found in clothing and home furnishings, as certified by the British Allergy Foundation. The moving rail shakes out wrinkles, dust and unpleasant odors from clothes while the Gentle Dry function removes moisture quickly and thoroughly. Heat Pump Drying reduces energy consumption by recycling heat from the hot, moist air inside the Styler, and Pants Crease Care ensures a neat, tidy look by eliminating wrinkles and creating a crisp crease-line on trousers without an iron. 

The LG Styler features four separate modes, each of which caters to specific fabrics or different garments and items, offering the option to steam, dry, sanitize, and more:

The Styler comes with four main cycles:

  • The “Refresh” mode, available in Light, Normal and Heavy settings, enlists steam to remove wrinkles and you can stick a dryer sheet in the built-in “aroma” compartment to help mask odors.
  • The “Sanitary” mode, available in Normal and Heavy settings, adds heat into the equation, which is supposed to kill off allergens like pollen.
  • The “Gentle Dry” mode, available in Delicates, Normal and Time Dry settings, simply dries your clothes on a low heat so that wool sweaters and other shrink-susceptible fabrics retain their shape.
  • The “Special Care” mode includes an extended Heavy Sanitary cycle called “Night Care,” and 10 different custom cycles that you can download from the Android-only
  • LG Smart Styler app. Some of these cycles include “Air Fresh,” “Rainy Day” and “Shawls/Neckties.”

“The LG Styler truly revolutionizes the clothing care market with its ability to gently and efficiently dry, refresh, and sanitize everything from clothes to bedding, to bike helmets, and more,” said Shean Smith, UK Sales Director Home Appliances at LG UK. 

“We believe that in the future, steam closet care systems like the LG Styler will become known as a household essential with their huge range of benefits, applications, and time and money-saving capabilities. We hope that the launch of the Styler in the UK helps make our customers aware that there is more to wardrobe management than washing with water and dry cleaning.”

Pricing and Availability

The LG Styler (RRP: £1,899) will be available from February 2020 from John Lewis and other selected retailers

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