Couch Potato Company introduce the new Neurosonic Mobile Mattress to the UK

The high-end furniture retailer, Couch Potato Company has announced the launch of Wave. wave is Neurosonic mobile mattress that has certain benefits for the health. It is announced to be launched in January 2020. Couch has put health and wellbeing on priority. It is due to this priority that they have delightedly added this clever piece of technology to their portfolio authorized original design. The mattress has come into shape with the aid of OY Neurosonic Technologies Ltd, a ground-breaking Finnish technology company. It improves sleep quality, relieves stress, reduces migraine problems and much more for both physical and mental wellbeing. All of this is done with the help of Neurosonic science. 

Futuristic Technology

The technology that has been embedded in Wave is based on sensory tissue stimulation. Built-in elements transmit a very-low-frequency (20-100Hz) sinusoidal vibration, which is targeted simultaneously to the whole body. Your body is affected calmy by vibration via the autonomic nervous system and the mind. This is a natural mechanism. This new innovative treatment by Couch Potato Company has opened new doors to fixing stress-based symptoms and is used to enhance the quality of sleep, to ease stress, muscle tensions, and swelling. It activates metabolism and assists in both physical and mental recovery.

Marco Kärkkäinen, Chief Scientific Officer at UO Neurosonic Finland comments:

“What does a zebra do when it has managed to escape the lion? It shakes itself. The purpose of this natural mechanism is to calm and relieve the stress reaction. Neurosonic produces this same natural effect – and thus takes relaxation and recovery to a completely new level. Wave is the newest and most powerful member of Neurosonic product family. Behind the stylish design is accomplished by Finnish designer Vertti Kivi. Wave is a versatile and foldable piece of Scandinavian design which makes it suitable for you to use in the privacy of your own home.”

Usage and Control

The innovative mattress can be controlled wirelessly via a mobile phone application. The application allows you to choose your preferred program area of relaxation,  activation or recovery, therefore, perfect for everyone. It will help you improve your sleep quality, relieve headaches, help with muscle tension and pain and alleviate stress symptoms. In addition, Wave comes with Sennheiser’s high-quality headphones and a music license with preloaded specially designed music to aid the relaxation process.

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