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Onkyo announced its new 11.2-Ch Flagship AVR

Onkyo Amplifier

On 3rd September 2019, Onkyo & Pioneer corporation unveiled its 11.2-channel AVR. the company has introduced the amp in order to revolutionize the home entertainment department by bringing in full-scale 3D cinema sound. There are seven HDMI inputs (one front-mounted) and three HDMI outputs that support simultaneous output and independent video playback. The THX Certified Ultra 11.2-Channel TX-RZ3400 Network A/V Receiver is rated at 11 x 260W (6 ohms, 1 kHz, 10% THD, 1-ch driven) and creates a seamless Dolby Atmos or DTS:X sound field from various speaker layouts up to 7.2.4 channels. 

The TX-RZ3400 has unique hardware that improves sound quality to the next level. It also includes a DSP-based Vocal Enhancer. Moreover, there is a stereo assign mode which allows for switching audio from front to height or surround back speakers. There is a Zone B line-out that connects any source to wireless headphones via a wireless transmitter. 

The Discrete Audio Path Mode

The discrete audio path mode works with selected BD players that have to potential to transmit the audio and video from the source to separately to TV and A/V receiver through dual HDMI outputs. The clarity of the sound can be improved as interference by the HDMI can be avoided. The HDMI output circuitry is not required since the A/V   is responsible for handling audio so it HMDI can be shut down. Consequently, there will be lesser interference and better sound quality. 

Network Noise-Suppression and Noise-Reduction Tech

The company has separated the network module from the audio circuitry in order to reduce interference which results in lower-quality audio. The network mode now can be controlled with two new modes that impact the audio quality by making it far better than ever before. ‘Cinema Dedicated’ mode switches off the module clock, reducing interference. ‘Cinema Dedicated – Net Off’ mode’ shuts down its power supply, eliminating noise for occasions when sound quality takes priority over an active network connection.

Moreover, a new HDMI circuit board has been introduced that features shorter signal paths and larger grounds to minimize unwanted noise. New technology has been introduced to filter high-frequency pulse-modulation noise to improve clarity in the upper treble region.

More stuff in the package

TX-RZ3400 has AccuEQ ADVANCE PLUS with AccuReflex. AccuEQ ADVANCE PLUS room acoustic calibration is an expanded version of AccuEQ Advance featuring standing-wave-removal technology. AccuReflex, meanwhile, calibrates the phase of directional and non-directional sound for seamless object-based audio reproduction.

The TX-RZ3400 also has Audiophile DAC Deployment for Hi-Res Audio. With a premium AKM AK4490 768 kHz/32-bit stereo DAC dedicated exclusively to the front channels (two more 384 kHz/32-bit DAC modules handle zone and surround channels) and a carefully designed pre-amp section, the receiver smoothly handles Hi-Res Audio. 

The device is also Roon tested. Roon is the definitive platform and ecosystem for music, and it transforms your browsing and listening experience. Along with your music, Roon combines artist photos, credits, bios, reviews, lyrics, tour dates, and composers in a surfable, searchable digital magazine about your music collection.

Top-tier Network Audio Technologies

The TX-RZ3400 works with a vast variety of top audio platforms by partnering with apps and voice assistants on supported smartphones, laptops, desktops and smart speakers. 

It has support for Alexa which allows families to control it with their voices. You can play, pause skip and control volume and do much more. Chromecast is built-in in the deice and it can stream any kinds of music from the smartphone, laptop or PC to the receiver with any hassle. If the user has a device with the Google Assistant, it’s easy to find, play, and control music through this and other supported components by voice. It even works with Apple AirPlay2 with which you can control it by playing or stopping a song in the living room, kitchen or any other room at the same time, all in sync. It also works with Sonos Home Sound Systems but you would have to purchase it separately. 

New Self-Illuminating Backlit Remote

This Onkyo flagship is the first to launch with a new, beautifully designed and simple to use remote featuring automatic backlighting. This function is invaluable for making in-program adjustments when the lights are down while watching movies or gaming.


TX-RZ3400 – 11.2-channel Flagship AV Receiver – £2499 (in black or silver, available in November).


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