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Huawei emui10

Putting Smart Life at the front: Huawei EMUI10

On August 9th, 2019, Huawei officially released the EMUI10. Dr. Wang Chenglu, President of the Software Engineering Department at Huawei Consumer Business Group, said that the main motive of EMUI10 is to provide an all scenario experience. The one-time development has enabled scenario-specific applications. It will, for example, allow audio and video calls in all scenarios across multiple devices making it whole a smart experience, saving costs and improving efficiency. 

The new EMUI10 will allow connection across multiple devices as well as between applications and devices. Moreover, it will be targeting to improve efficiency in various scenarios. The EMUI team is expecting more developers and partners to include a helping hand in the initiative and make it greater than it already is.

huawei emui10

Dr. Wang told by the end that EMU10 beta will be tested internally with the P30 series and other models on September 8. It will be made available for the next generation Mate series.

Where EMUI stands today and the introduction of dark mode. 

Currently, EMUI is catering more than 500 million daily active users across 216 countries and offering support to 77 languages. The expected rate of upgradations to EMUI10 is 150 million users according to Huawei’s trend of statistics. 

Huawei has worked tireless on the EMUI in recent years to better its performance by making it suitable for the GPU. the improvements include better ram management, better overall performance, and speed, 40% greater network speed over 4G and WiFi.

EMUI10 brings three major updates: UX design, an all-scenario ultimate experience, and a new standard of smooth operation.

Moreover, for better visual comfort EMIUI10 has introduced the all-new dark mode. The new mode optimizes colors of texts, background as well as app icons providing visual consistency, comfort, and legibility. More features of the UX will be announced at the launch event on August 10th.

Distributed technology:

The revolutionary distributed technology enables support for HD video calls across multiple devices. Users will have the option to answer calls from a smart speaker or video calls can be answered through a TV or even a vehicle-mounted device. For business, a smartphone and computer can share screens, making it flexible for you to make and display projects.

EMUI10 using the new technology will allow devices with different capabilities to be merged and used in an ecosystem that is well connected and in touch. Moreover, an all scenario security system is also introduced which offers in-depth security defense system. To connect devices together, authentication by the user will be required. 

One-time development for multi-device deployment

Due to the diversification of smart devices, it is not easy to integrate them together. However, Huawei has worked on this and the new EMUI10 allows developers to easily face all the challenges of multi-device adaptation, multi-language learning, and cross-device data convergence. EMUI10 offers a distributed UI programming framework and virtualized hardware capabilities. This makes it easy for developers as they can design applications for multiple devices without needing to make adaptations for the same program. 

Facilitating ecosystem development

Huawei has seen an increase in its mobile phone users in recent years and is determined to make a seamless ecosystem possible for its consumers. At the launch, Huawei mentioned how it will continue to make the capabilities of tools and platforms more open, such as of Ark Compiler and Huawei DevEco studio as well as working with more developers. 

The first to experience: P30

Huawei P30 series will be the first to upgrade to the EMUI10 Beta version for internal testing on September 8 and will be available for the Mate 20 series later on. Huawei EMUI team looks forward to joining hands with developers and partners to offer an all-scenario ultimate experience for users.

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