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Fairphone 3 – The Complete Sustainable Smartphone Alternative

Fairphopne 3

The hottest social enterprise of the decade, Fairphone, has just unveiled an up and coming product: the Fairphone 3. This third-generation smartphone strives to bridge together deliverance and sustainability, all within one stunning design.

The global smartphone industry is one plagued by a range of injustices; from environmental damage to dingy working conditions, it is an amalgamation of everything that is wrong with the world. To combat these issues, Fairphone has been striving to engineer methods that deliver both quality products while remaining ethically virtuous. In this journey, Fairphone has mastered a more translucent production process.

The Fairphone 3 is the culmination of all these efforts. Not only does it has advanced and improved specifications, but it also stands for everything that Fairphone wishes to see in the electronics industry. Fairphone 3 comes equipped with a revamped design that facilitates easy repairs, improved battery usage, and a more durable smartphone.

According to research, the Fairphone 3 has cut down on as much as 30% of CO2 emissions. These efforts to make the phone more environmentally friendly have not compromised on any of the features, with the smartphone being complete with a Qualcomm 632 processor and a 12MP and 8MP rear and front camera, respectively. Even the packaging for Fairphone 3 is environmentally friendly!

However, what really puts the Fairphone 3 apart is something called ‘fair specs’. As with all progress, Fairphone too continues to improve; constructing a production process that is just for all those even remotely involved. For instance, Fairphone is in collaboration with Arima in order to boost workplace satisfaction through greater employee visibility, improved safety precautions and extending a monetary bonus to workers.

In terms of the composition of the smartphone, the phone is made from materials that are acquired peacefully, ethically and in a way that is and will be kind to nature. Some of these materials include tin, tungsten, recycled plastics and copper and Fairtrade gold.

Similarly, Fairphone has also extended its operations by exploring for more sustainable cobalt sourcing. Eventually, after pilot runs, the program will link up to the supply chain. Fairphone has not just targeted itself but also strives to educate the public about sustainability. Their exchange program is one such effort where they offer rewards when someone turns in their old mobile phone while purchasing a new one. Fairphone 3 carries this legacy by forwarding all of Fairphone’s ethical goals and desire to see a more just electronics industry.

What Fairphone hopes to achieve through their new smartphone is evident through these words by their CEO, Eva Gouwens, “We envision an economy where consideration for people and the planet is a natural part of doing business. To make lasting change possible, we need to transform the industry. The strongest signal that we can send is that there is a market for more sustainable products, which is why we developed the Fairphone 3 to be a real sustainable alternative on the market.”


The Fairphone 3 is ready for presale starting from €450.

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