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True Wireless EarBuds are here to stay. Whether you like Apple’s AirPods or prefer Samsung’s Galaxy Buds, or a third party manufacturer, there is something out there for everyone. My own personal experiences have suggested that while the sound is often pretty decent, connectivity has been a problem with a lot of the ones I have tried. Enter the EarFun Free. Not only are they extremely well priced, they seem to have solved all the connectivity issues I have experienced so far. The sound is great, as is the comfort. Read on for more.

EarFun Free in case

EarFun Free – Specs

  • Snug Fit Ergonomic Design & Comfortable Fit
  • Instant Pairing & Stable Bluetooth Connection
  • IPX7 100% Waterproof
  • 6mm Graphene Driver for Superior Sound
  • 30-Hours Play Time
  • Advanced Wireless Charging
  • Noise Canceling Hands-Free Calls
  • Intelligent Voice Assistant
  • Case is Qi compatible, ie can be charged off your wireless charger (or USB C)

In the box

  • EarFun Free Earbuds
  • The charging case
  • Ear Tips (S/M/L)
  • USB-C to USB cable
  • Documentation


The initial setup is quite easy, as they are already in pairing mode. Hold the button on the right earbud till it powers on (hold for 1 second). It will then enter into pairing mode. Look for them in your device’s Bluetooth menu/settings and simply pair. After that they just simply connect as soon as you take them out of the case.

If you do want to pair to a different device, just hold the button on the right earbud (from off) for 5 seconds till it enters pairing mode.


Charging the EarFun Free earbuds is pretty simple. Just pop them into the case and they start to charge. The case itself has a magnetic lid and the earbuds snap into place thanks to magnetic magic too.

The case also conveniently offers 4 LEDs which tell you how much charge is left in the case itself, and gives you its status when it is charging.

The fit

These are really comfortable. All you need to do is press them in your ear and twist them a bit upwards. That secures them into place. They also feel very snug and do not give you the impression that they will fall out. They are a bit bigger than some of the others we have tried, but this does not translate to any pain or discomfort. They are already quite light so that really isn’t an issue.

PS, I have had one of them pop out once, so this definitely matters!

Battery Life

On a single run, they can go for up to 6 hours. We found this claim to be true. Since my personal use is more of a ‘use for an hour or so and pop them back in’, I am getting a lot more use out of it without needing to worry about charging. Generally, the charging case should give you four full charges, so in combination, you can get over 30 hours.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is immense. The snug fit ensures noise isolation, which obviously helps. Notes are clear, and they offer great music quality on the whole spectrum. The experience is quite intimate and indulgent, which I quite like. One of those ‘pop them in, close your eyes and sit back’ kind of experiences.

Call Quality

Similarly, the call quality is pretty good. I have had hit and miss experiences with earbuds such as these, but can definitely recommend the quality on these. The indulgent experience of the sound can be a bit disorienting in this case though, as usually when you talk using a phone you do get a lot more outside noise.

More information

Best place to get more information on these is their Indiegogo campaign campaign.

They are retailing for only $39.

They already have a great comparison on that link, so do check out how they compare to the other offers out there.

They can be bought in the UK via Amazon.


These are my new go-to wireless earbuds. The ease of use and convenience of the case just pushes these up a notch over rest of the competition!


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