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Huawei blacklisting – Google is the real loser here!

It’s already all over the news. Trump has put Huawei on a Blacklist and Google has just announced that they will be withdrawing Android support to all new Huawei devices. Old ones will still work, but will not be getting any more software updates, which includes security patches! Will this stop Huawei and be the end of a great company? Not at all. The way I see it, there is only one loser here, and that is American companies. Google is the first one, and Microsoft may follow.

huawei matebook

Let me give you my reasons.

Huawei is already a well-established brand

The first and foremost reason that Huawei will come out reasonably untarnished is the simple fact that Huawei is a well-established brand. People cannot stop talking about how amazing the cameras on their phones are, and how awesome the battery life is. They even made one of the previous phones with Google’s badge on it. Google pulling this move only makes them the talk of the town.

Any publicity is good publicity

Or is it? Time will tell, but my social feeds are full of people talking about how they love their Huawei phone and this move is just a lot of * insert your own choice of appropriate words here*. People already love their Huawei phones, and now they have just been reminded of how much they love them.

Google just pulled a Facebook

Remember when you paid for that Gmail account? No? This is the price you pay for using free services. Not only do they harvest your data to make money, trap you in their own infrastructure, but also call the shots as and when they want. Facebook has survived all the bad press, and I am sure Google will too, but this only highlights the real cost of free services from a consumer point of view.

Google is also being forced

Despite the point above, it should also be noted that Google isn’t doing this for fun. They are being forced by the US Government. If anything, this affects their business prospects more than anything else. They want their software on those great camera phones.

Huawei makes its own chips

It wasn’t just Google pulling the plug. Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom and others have also made a statement that they will stop supplying Huawei with their chips. The only issue is that Huawei not only makes its own chipsets in their HiSilicon plant, but they are exceedingly good. The Huawei Kirin 980 processor has been very impressive, and has not only given users a high performance, AI and photography skills but also done so by making battery usage something to not worry about.

All this does is hurt the likes of Intel and Qualcomm. Of course, it never is a straightforward matter, but all Huawei need to do is adapt their current chips to fulfil the gaps created.

Huawei already has its own OS

Huawei has already created its own OS to fight both Google as well as Microsoft in case something like this happens. This was stated back in March, and Huawei are only moving onwards. In fact, this whole thing could turn Huawei into something like Apple. They just need to make sure their experiences are almost as good as the competitors, and more importantly, give the kind of integration Apple offers.

What if you are already deep into Google?

Many apps exist that will happily integrate Google’s own services without the need for any Google apps. In fact, not that long ago, Huawei’s own phones used to come without the Play Store installed anyway. Yeah, you may not be able to use Google’s Gmail or Calendar app, but pretty much any app that can talk to Google will let you use those services.

What to do now?

The best way forward right now is to do the ‘just wait and see’. Huawei already have big things planned this year, and this can and should only push them to bigger and stronger things.

I have already got my popcorn at the ready!


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4 thoughts on “Huawei blacklisting – Google is the real loser here!

  1. Not quite correct – Huawei only make only two out of the six main chipsets used on the Mate30 motherboard. All the others come from the USA, or Korea.

    Cutting the US supply chain is going to be devastating for Huawei’s ability to manufacture phones.

    For Huawei to recover from this is not just a case of introducing their own OS, it requires them to acess to a hardware manufacturing supply chain that currently does not exist within China.

    Smartphone manufacturing is a global business. No single manufacturer can “go it alone”. For example, Samsung manufacture many of the critical components in Apple devices. Freezing out Huawei, will only serve to enhance the market for rivals such as Apple, which you guessed it – are under US ownership…

    1. That’s all fair to say and absolutely correct. But I’m not saying that this has suddenly increased their portfolio. It’ll be a tough few years but it is the kind of thing which executed well could see them rise.

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