Holi in the air and everywhere

Holi the Indian festival of colours basically signifies the advent of spring. Although it was traditionally a Hindu festival marking the victory of good over evil, it is a symbol of festivity and spring in the Indian subcontinent. Historically Holi was celebrated by Hindus and Muslims alike. Mughal kings are also known to hold Holi celebrations in their palaces.

Holi is one of the most attractive and colourful festivals in this region. It has, hence, captivated the attention internationally as well. It is now celebrated in many parts of the world with the same zeal and zest as in India. During Holi, people smear powdered and liquid colour on each other. It is a light-hearted fun festival loved equally by everyone irrespective of the religion.

However, the polarization of societies in both India and Pakistan has also resulted in the religious identity of these beautiful festivals. Not only the Hindus are rapidly shrinking in Pakistan but the festivals have also come to halt. The impacts of radicalization have also stopped common people from celebrating this festival.

However this year we saw a breath of fresh air among the educational institutes. Especially Quaid e Azam University Islamabad and Institute for Art and Culture, Lahore celebrated this festival with zeal and zest. These pictures and videos have ruled social media and warmed our hearts.

Quaid e Azam University




Institute for Art and Culture, Lahore

Although this university opened its doors for the students just a few months ago, Holi was celebrated in full zeal and zest.



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In the current world of hostility and religious extremism where minorities all over the world feel threatened Holi played in these universities. It is the need of time to institutionalize the festivals of the soil and bring hearts closer. In today’s time and age where minorities are going through their hardest times, it is important for the majority to be with them in their sorrow and joy.

Let us end our blog with this famous Holi song sung by Amitabh Bachan which is a mandatory part of wedding festivities.


Happy Holi 🙂

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