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Take Control: Google Introduces Stadia Controller

After much speculation, Google has officially rolled out its native cloud gaming platform, Stadia. Not only that, Stadia now comes bundled with its very own controller. The Google Stadia controller comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack along the bottom, and  a USB-C port along the top. The slick controller also comes with designated buttons that can instantly capture gameplay and use voice to run Google Assistant functions.  All a gamer has to do is click and within seconds, they are sharing their gameplay on YouTube.  Press the home button and Google Chromecast will then launch Stadia.

Google Stadia

Google’s Stadia controller connects to the game and the internet  via its own Wifi connection, and is not dependent upon Bluetooth. Ideally, this should reduce the lag time and prevent frequent drops in connection. Gamers must use a companion app to initially configure the controller to Wifi connection – essentially ‘pairing’ the device to the internet and then the Stadia gaming service.  If gamers can also opt to connect to their PCs with the built-in USB-C port, much like other USB game controllers already on the market.  Many reviewers are already comparing the feel to the  Microsoft XBox One controller. Google Stadia, both the service and the hardware, are bound to dominate the tech headlines for the weeks to come as cloud gaming platforms gain traction.

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