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7 Ways to Travel the World While Studying in College

The time spent in college is the best one to travel the world. Even though you have a lot of assignments and exams, you still have more time compared to when you start working. However, most of the time college students don’t travel due to various reasons.

One reason is lack of funds since travelling depends on where you want to go as it can cost you a significant amount of money. Another reason may be due to time management issues. But the good news is that there are so many ways to travel. Even though you may be worried about the expenses, there are various ways to see the world on a low budget.

This way you will end up paying way less than you expect. Examples include:

As a student, you want to have the right opportunity to travel. Here some ways on how to study and see the world.

1. Study abroad

This is arguably one of the best options to travel the world. You get the chance to meet new people and even possibly learn a new language. Depending on where you decide to study, you will have more opportunities to visit other countries. For example, if you study in Europe, visiting other neighbouring countries shouldn’t be a problem. With each year, more universities in foreign countries are offering courses in English. You can also opt for a course on the native language for a more adventurous study abroad.

2. Student’s conference

A great way to see many countries within a short span is to visit students conference. Every year, countless universities all over the world host conferences where students can participate both actively and passively. Students travel to these conferences in the multitudes. Conferences usually last from three to five days. Compared to studying abroad, participating in students conferences not only permits you to meet so many different nationalities. You don’t have to worry about “Who can do my essay for me” when you travel to a conference. Essay writing services are here to complete your assignments before the deadline. Apart from the educational aspect, you also get to have an adventure you will never forget. Who knows you might even end up making friendships that last a lifetime.

3. Planned trips with friends

When you have a break from school, you can organize a trip abroad with your friends. Travelling with friends is fun and doesn’t leave you feeling alone. It is safe to travel abroad with people you are familiar with. An advantage of travelling in a group is that your expenses will become less. For example, accommodation will be much cheaper when you pay as a group than when you pay alone.

4. Volunteer

If you love helping people and have a passion for travelling then you can join a volunteer program. Volunteering gives you the chance to see how things are done in other countries, it gives you a different perspective on life. Participating in a volunteer program will also add to your résumé. Make sure the volunteer program is transparent so that your image doesn’t get tainted over time. You can volunteer to:

  • Teach kids music,
  • Teach English,
  • Build a school,
  • Help in a clinic,
  • Help the elderly.

5. Student exchange program

Student exchange programs allow people from one educational institution to visit other affiliated universities or colleges. This program typically lasts from six to ten months. You have to check the universities that are affiliated with your school and then apply. If your application is accepted then this will be a great way to know more about other cultures and meet people from other countries. Usually, the costs are covered since the university offers you a scholarship.

6. Internship

Another option for student travel is through international internships. Internships can last from one to six months. An internship gives you the opportunity to gain more experience in your field of study. Whether you will be paid or not will completely depend on your employer. Another important thing to remember about internships is that some require you to pay a certain amount. This fee varies for different countries. Also, it is important to apply for an internship on time due to the limited places. Once you get your placement for an internship, you will gain both experience and amazing travelling experience.

7. Temporary work abroad

There are many jobs for students in various countries across Europe. While the pay might not be something to die for, the experience is. It’s is the perfect way for college students to cope with the expenses of student travel. This way you can earn some money to pay for your accommodation, transportation, and other living expenses. For many adventurous students, a summer job in foreign countries is the best way to travel.


If you are looking to travel, finances or lack of time shouldn’t hold you back anymore. There are so many ways for you to explore the world, alone or with friends. One of the 7 ways listed above should get you started. Your next adventure awaits you!

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