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XPLORA Launches a Waterproof Smartwatch for Children

the Following up on the successful launch of their proprietary smartwatch solution in July 2018, XPLORA now brings the XPLORA 3S waterproof watch phone to the European marketplace. Perfect for young children, the XPLORA 3S keeps parents and children in touch, wherever they may be. Is your child fond of the swimming pool? With the XPLORA 3S on their wrist, you can chat with them while they splash about.

Give Your Children the World

The XPLORA 3S is truly a waterproof smartwatch. As per IP67 compliance, it keeps working even after being submerged in 1.5 metres of water for up to 30 minutes. Along with the added functionalities, the XPLORA 3S still functions as a regular phone.  A guardian or parent can program up to 12 numbers from which calls can be made to or received from. Parents can also send one-way texts to their children’s smartwatch. In the case that the child feels unsafe, they can press the SOS button and the smartwatch will keep dialing the pre-programmed numbers until it gets a response. There is also an option to trigger an alarm sound. With the help of geolocation technology, parents can receive alerts as their children enter or leave the ‘safety zone’ in real-time. This intuitive smartwatch design ensures the children’s safety without limiting their independence while they play and explore.

More than Your Average Smartwatch

Bundled with Amazon Echo integration, the XPLORA 3S’s child-friendly interface comes equipped with a camera and photo storage for easy sharing with family members. In the case of an emergency, designated adults can even pinpoint the child’s exact location with the use of geolocation technology. Parents and children have a clear communication channel without the hassle and worry of unsupervised access to a traditional smartphone.

Tap to Connect

The XPLORA 3S watch phone is set up and controlled via the intuitively designed parental app (available on Android and iOS) and allows for up to two administrators (typically the child’s parents). Through the app, parents have control of preferences, receive push notifications (when the child receives a text message or leaves a pre-programmed ‘safety zone’, for example), and they can view their child’s location at any time. By focusing on communication and location functionality, the XPLORA 3S watch phone prevents the child from becoming distracted by apps and games typically present on smartphones and removes the possibility of unsupervised internet access.

Integration with Amazon Echo

The Xplora watch phones are the first children’s wearables to integrate with Amazon Echo, Amazon’s smart speaker with Alexa. This integration with Amazon Echo allows parents to locate their child simply by asking Alexa. In the coming months, children will be able to communicate directly with Alexa through their smartwatch. They can access child-friendly content and ask Alexa questions throughout the day.

Easy-to-Use Kid-friendly Smartwatch

A parental app operates the Xplora 3S watch phone ( which is available for Android and iOS-enabled smartphones) and can have up to two administrators. Parents can use the app to receive push notifications when the child leaves a pre-programmed ‘safety zone’ as well as view their child ’s current location.

XPLORA’s features:

  •   Voice calls – Parents can store up to 12 phone numbers on XPLORA, from which the child will be able to make and receive calls. Contact with all other numbers can then be disabled, ensuring that the child stays in contact only with trusted individuals.
  •   Text messages The child can also receive text messages from these 12 pre-programmed numbers and details of messages are sent to parents via a push notification in the parental app.
  •   GPS and safety zones The unique blend of Assisted-GPS, GSM and WiFi allows for the most accurate location information available on the child, both indoors and outside.  Parents specify safety zones (usually areas that the child regularly visits) through the official app. They also receive an automatic notification when the child leaves or enters a designated safety zone.
  •   SOS-button By holding down the SOS-button on the left-hand side of the XPLORA, the child can activate the emergency call mode. A push notification will then be sent to the parents via the app with details of the child’s live location, and the primary parent will also receive a call. If the call is not answered, XPLORA will work down the list of numbers, calling until one answers. If enabled via the app, the watch phone will also produce a siren sound.
  •   Off-time During off-times defined by the parents, such as the school day or at night, the watch will automatically enter silent mode. Children will, however, still be able to make calls in the case of an emergency.
  •   Calendar The built-in calendar helps ensure that the child doesn’t miss any important appointments, and has details of addresses and other essential information. Parents can set reminders for these as required.

XPLORA 3S smartwatch is now available to families with prices starting at £179.99 (inclusive of 12 months of minutes and data).


After several years of research and development and jointly working with the world’s leading manufacturers, the first XPLORA branded product was launched in 2016 and has already gained the trust of more than 400,000 families worldwide. With subsidiaries in the UK, Germany, and Sweden, XPLORA plans to expand into additional European countries as well as the US within 2018.

XPLORA is a privately-held Norwegian company, with investors and team members from Norway, UK, Germany, Spain, and Poland. Due to growth and several large retail and telco opportunities across Europe and the US, it has plans to seek venture capital later this year.

Our story started with our co-founder and CMO, Sten Kirkbak, who is a father of four and has worked within technology for almost 20 years. After losing his son in a mall, he was part of the team launching FiLIP in the US in 2013, the first watch phone helping parents keep track of their children in the US market. The product revolutionised the whole space, winning several awards for both innovation and design. In 2015, Kirkbak moved back to Norway and later started to optimise a new breed of wearable products for the European market, co-founding XPLORA.

The C-Suite includes: Jesus Llamazares, Chief Executive Officer (formerly Global Director Consumers Value Proposition at Telefónica); Sten Kirkbak, Chief Marketing Officer (formerly launched FiLIP); Sanghyo Kim, Chief Technology Officer (formerly EMEA Director of Business Development of internet streaming software provider, RealNetworks); Mats Horn, SVP for US market (formerly Founder and CEO of Tinitell); and Kjetil Tveter, board member and co-founder (also Founder of United Influencers, Scandinavia’s fastest-growing influencer network).


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