Professional Secrets Kitchen Thermometer

When it comes to food, cooking isn’t a means to an end. It is very much a part of the journey, and for me, personally, cooking is a very cathartic process. While I am not a professional chef, I very much believe that every cook should have the best possible tools in their kitchen. Be it a great set of knives, sets of bowls or a good set of scales. Since cooking is often about heat, a thermometer is as essential is anything else. The Professional Secrets Kitchen Thermometer is one such device. Designed for professional chefs, this one is all about the detail.

Professional Secrets Kitchen Thermometer – Features

  • ONE OF THE CHEF’S MOST IMPORTANT TOOLS – Cooking is an act of love, but what happens on a molecular lever when food is subjcted to heat – or cold – has to do with physics and chemistry. A high quality thermometer makes cooking a bit more of a science, making it one of the most important tools in a professional kitchen.
  • EXTREMELY FAST AND ACCURATE – Cutting edge technology provides accurate readings within seconds. Slow removal of the probe will reveal temperatures throughout the food being measured.
  • MEASURES DECIMALS – Decimals allow you to follow – in real time – the rise or fall in temperature. You can actually see where your cooking is heading. Changing between measurements in Celsius or Fahrenheit is easy.
  • PROTECTIVE SHEATH – The click-on sheath protects the thermometer – and not least the sensitive probe – when not in use. It also protects the chef from stains and is machine washable (the thermometer is not).
  • TIPS FROM THE PROS INCLUDED – Included with every product from Professional Secrets is a booklet with knowledge and tips on how to get the most out of your kitchen tool.


I don’t think it comes like this for everyone, but ours was packed in a fancy wooden box. We liked it so much we did a little stop motion video for you guys!

The box does come with batteries, just in case you were wondering.


The usage is pretty simple and straightforward. The tip is really thin, meaning any piercing you do will generally go unnoticed. It also means you can get a pretty precise temperature. It obviously takes a little bit of practice to know what and where you are aiming.

The real advantage is how it quickly updates and gives you a live read of temperature, all down to a decimal place. If you are somebody who takes pride in their precision, this is the device for you.

More information

More information for the Professional Secrets Kitchen Thermometer can be found on their website.

It is available for around £99, and can be bought via their website or online retailers such as Amazon.

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