What’s the deal with Dark Mode?

Have you noticed that more of your favourite apps and software programs now feature “Dark Mode”?

This article takes a look at this new popular feature and what’s driving the craze. Keep reading to learn more about the basics, benefits, and what software giants are including dark mode in their new framework.

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Dark Mode Basics

Dark mode is also called “night mode” by software users and developers. It is a feature that is embedded into the operating framework of many of today’s new apps and operates by showing white text on a dark blue or black screen.

Many users choose it because of its seemingly cool and calming effects. It also has some other potential medical benefits that many users aren’t aware of. It helps users with low vision problems, colour blindness, and reduces the risk of experiencing myopia.

Myopia is a condition of the eye that affects our ability to see things at a distance (also called nearsightedness). The chances of experiencing Myopia has the potential to increase in risk with long-term exposure to blue light over extended periods time. Using dark mode decreases some of this potential risk.

High Contrast equals Better Vision

The higher contrast feature provides for less exposure to blue light generated by computer screens and mobile devices. The darker screen also provides for less flickering of the screen reducing the potential risks of photophobia.

Using dark mode in apps and software can also reduce the potential for users to experience lack of sleep. Long-term lack of sleep increases the likelihood of exposure to potential health risks, especially obesity, heart disease, and depression.

It also provides improved readability of text that results in less eye strain. In addition to the reduction in eye strain, this high-contrast reading method makes for a more comfortable reading and browsing experience on all of your supported devices.

Dark Mode Benefits

Many users swear by this new popular feature that is becoming more readily available in new software releases and technology related products. Some of the more popular technology giants have gotten in on the craze by enabling the feature on computers that operate on Mac OS and iPhone. Apple’s latest release of OS X now includes this sought after feature.

The software providers that are now incorporating the dark mode feature in their apps and operating systems to provide users with the following potential benefits of using dark mode:

  • Less Sleep Disruption
  • Battery Saving
  • Reduced Eye Strain
  • Reduction In Aggravation of Some Medical Conditions

It is now embedded in many popular software packages, operating systems, smartphone apps, and computers. If you’re a desktop user taking advantage of the new dark mode feature, always remember to secure your systems and software to prevent data loss. Companies like Centrify offer secure computing solutions and User Access Management.

Use Dark Mode In Your Favourite Apps

The dark mode feature is becoming so popular that many familiar technology giants are jumping on board to include the dark mode feature in their newest hardware and software designs. Some of the more popular users that now offer dark mode are:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Mac OS Mojave
  • Android Pie

The list above is not exhaustive and represents only a small sample of popular software and application developers that are now includingit as a part of their framework. You can find it featured in mobile applications and online applications as well.

If you’re interested in using dark mode to experience the benefits of this new high contrast reading and browsing technology for yourself, be sure to check with your favourite software providers to learn if they offer the feature.


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