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Quick Review | Latest Dramas | 2018

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi on Hum TV:

This Faiza Iftikhar written play seems to be telling a unique story. It is about the story of a young girl who picks up trash. Iqra Aziz portrays “Noori”. She truly does justice to a role that is clearly difficult. Syed Jibran and Imran Ashraf are also splendid. What is great is the reined in use of background music, a very signature Kashif Nisar style, which goes very well with a story like this.

Bisaat e Dil on Hum TV:

This one’s a little unintentionally funny. Only Beenish Raja and Shahroz Subzwari seem to bring something to the table in this drama – but the writing is quite strange. The accents shift from Punjabi to Sindhi and aren’t Siraiki either. The plot itself is also quite confusing and difficult to maintain interest in. There are some relatively high paced twists and turns that you might enjoy. So.. check it out? Here’s the first episode:

Romeo Weds Heer on Geo TV:

AKA Funny Khaani.

Feroze Khan and Sana Javed return to the tv screens with their pairing that was a big hit in the recently ended drama serial “Khaani” in which Sana Javed and Feroze Khan basically hate each other in the beginning etc etc. While Khaani was an intense drama, this one is a bit on the lighter side with funny supporting characters such as Firdos Jamal, Ali Rizvi and Saman Ansari – and this is definitely one of the better watches in the slim pickings’ season.

Tajdeed e Wafa on Hum TV:

Two contrasting relationships meet and how does that justify the title – we don’t know. Do you? Let us know. Haroon Shahid and Naveen Waqar are hilarious as a squabbling couple and Ainy Jafri and Ali Akbar are fleetingly cute but hey – we still don’t get how Tajdeed e Wafa comes into play here. Also, a bit tired of a the ‘career oriented woman’ always being ridiculous. Wonder when we’ll start seeing plays where the career oriented wife is actually sane and not at all weird and nuts.

Haiwaan on ARY Digital:

After watching Baba Jani, this is a bit of a disconcerting watch. Faysal Quraishi plays an alcoholic madman who does something horrible (don’t ask us) and spends the rest of the episodes trying to hide it. It gets tiring. Quick. Faysal is too much of a nice guy to do something like this – the same way Humayun Saeed really couldn’t sell a villain laugh in Yalghaar. Not everyone can pull it off, guys, please. Ahsan Khan and Mohsin Abbas Haider did – but Humayun and Faysal should stick to doing what we love seeing them do – and that’s playing the ‘heroes’.

Khudparast on ARY Digital:

Sigh. Yet another drama that says women who are fiercely independent must face some sort of comeuppance in society. Okay, well, sometimes life is tough for a lot of these women who want to carve their own way and live life by their own choices but as we see in dramas like Khud Parast and Dil Mom Ka Diya, a girl who is sane, talks back, is confident is almost alwayyyyys evil. Come on, guys. What gives.

Maryam Pereira on TV One:

This is a missed opportunity. A really sensitive subject such as minority rights is portrayed in a really messed up way. Even though the actual issues and problems shown in the drama aren’t bad and are actually quite relevant, the script and dialog are where the drama misses the mark. Sadia Khan looks like she’s walked out of a lawn fashion shoot and does not look like an average, middle class Christian girl in Karachi. Ahsan does his best to create some pizzazz in a fairly linear role but there’s only so much that the guy can do in a drama like that.


Which are your favorite watches so far? Tell us in the comments.

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