Hira Mani and Imran Ashraf are too cute in Dil Mom Ka Dia

In the ARY Digital drama “Dil Mom Ka Dia” Hira Mani and Imran Ashraf are paired opposite each other. https://www.facebook.com/arydigital.tv/videos/2140354232902387/?hc_ref=ARSfH6sa7hgKcx7hZ7lUISZsKeqOthg4Hh2J0f_YntJ_ttMTqqFMSNkvbdOlbOA7CVM&__xts__[0]=68.ARDE9tADDb5iiICcvF4y48-tuTTmbb7evxcjlSzfDQq4nROS08wKP4RE7WWW6AnOBkJNoR9RKX1yLAO4EiZNoukkd-0xkBo7zSda47GwTP0Dj-_yB1rz1HPrSTk31_KEMFGNLT0s670ioVK4feeCB8LlnJn1B1-bRbkdOWZ0oNP9Z4wJRyBL1FM&__tn__=FC-R The drama itself has a soap-operaish quality with a lot of great dialogs thrown in. Here’s an example. https://www.facebook.com/dilmomkadiya.official/videos/226930277974777/ Shahid Shafaat directs this Next Level Production that stars Neelam Munir, Yasir Nawaz, Imran Ashraf and … Read more

LATEST Top Pakistani Dramas – 2018

Dil Mom ka Diya Dil Mom Ka Diya is the story of a family where an elder brother, looks after all the siblings. He gets married to a self-centered and careless girl. Instead of acting sensibly in taking care of household duties she creates a rift with all the family members. Things get out of … Read more

Baba Jani – review, recap, story, cast.

Have you guys been watching Baba Jani? Baba Jani is written by Faiza Iftikhar and airs on Geo TV Network. This play stars Faysal Qureshi as Asfand, a brother who has taken care of his manipulative, evil sisters all his life and now wants to get married. But due to further manipulation, he doesn’t get married … Read more

A very Lahori, very desi dawat

Although I try my level best not to write anything which is even remotely personal here on this forum today is an exception. It’s been over five months since I have moved to Pakistan. Living in the heart of Pakistan, Lahore is a bliss. No matter where we go and live a part of us … Read more

What is an IT Security Audit?

You’ve probably experienced the trauma that comes along with an IT security audit. If you have, then you’ll agree that technical reviews involved in the process are highly complex. However, a security audit is necessary since it guarantees data security of your firm. It involves reporting on various infrastructure and technologies adopted to guarantee security. … Read more

The road to complete compliance

Taking control of your IT systems ensures that you achieve and maintain compliance which results in increased security on an ongoing basis. Even though technological advancements have made it possible for there to be a continuous flow and transmission of information, they cannot rely on a single annual audit to guarantee perpetual security. Technology and … Read more

Rachel Bloom’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a Must Watch.

Slated as one of the finest shows on television/Netflix, Crazy Ex Girlfriend is a certifiable must watch. The story is of Rebecca Bunch (Bloom) a successful lawyer who gives up her lucrative lawyer career life in New York City to pursue who she thinks is the love of her life Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III) … Read more