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Fashion bloggers have reshaped the face of fashion journalism worldwide. Thanks to the power of social media that now fashion bloggers play the role of influencers in shaping up young minds and the society. You wouldn’t buy a mascara unless you’ve watched a tutorial on it. Would you? Our answer is a no. But with great influence also comes great responsibility which many fashion bloggers do not even consider important. Fanny, a UAE based Pakistani fashion blogger, is an exception.

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It’s been almost a year that we started following Fanny and noticed something different. Fanny was not just about putting the perfect foundation and fluttering lashes. She seemed to raise her voice on every issue she considered attention-worthy. From guiding literally every follower to keeping her identity intact amidst the Western influence, Fanny left no stone unturned to prove how important it was to use social platforms for educating masses. Recently she has also started the first Urdu blog named ‘blognaama’.

  1. Although this question sounds cliché but lets put it up. Tell us something about yourself (your education, earlier career paths etc.)

Fanny: I am an artist by nature, journalism is my profession and styling is my hobby. And I am always in the quest to learn and explore.

I did my Masters in Communication with a specialization in Electronic Media and Journalism. Post that I started my professional career as a Journalist and worked for almost three years in one of the well-known Media Houses in Lahore, Pakistan as an Associate Producer.

But soon after moving to Dubai in 2010, I took a break from my journalism career and it’s then when I started to give more time and focus to my blogs and its then I decided to formally start my own blog ‘Fanny’s World’.

2. How did you get into fashion blogging? What was the motivation behind it?

Fanny: Fanny’s World started as a hobby of mine; a mere time pass when I started writing about various topics in free time. It slowly transformed into a passion, something which forced me to start putting these blogs in a more organized and regular manner.

But one day I realized that through my blog I get to share my creative styling and closet experiments with tons of other girls and women across the world. I was flattered by getting feedback from other fashion bloggers and my readers, their sweet feedback was enough to keep me going. Today I am happy to share that I have done a lot for breaking the stereotypes, I have worn PVC dress to traditional Rajasthani short shirt attire. And convinced many around the globe that you don’t need to be skinny, specific body shape, race, a specific complexion to rock any look, style any trend. If I can, you can do it too.

fanny Rajasthani
Promoting Rajasthani culture

3. What were the resistances you faced?

Fanny: Just the regular internet haters, and moral police! Yes, that’s it. Sadly most of them are my fellow countrywomen. But I have seen haters turning into fans so no regrets.

Empower women
‘Have you ever tried to stop anyone from judging others on basis of stereotypes? These misconceptions are actually society’s cancer that leads to bullying and mental abuse. Since we are the one who is responsible for this, only we can correct it.’ Fanny


4. Is it true that this career belongs to a particular class?

Fanny: I used to think the same. But actually it’s not, people want to know more about styling in a budget. The elite bloggers are still there and they too have their own readership. But due to a massive demand for diversity, everyone has an equal chance to have their say in the fashion industry these days. This may sound a little bit of a cliché but just always be yourself and stay true to yourself no matter what.

Fanny upcycling.jpg
Fanny guiding her followers about upcycling old outfits

5. Tell us something about your projects and collaborations.

I’m very selective when it comes to working with brands. I am keeping my feed real, creative and ethical, this is my priority.

When I work with a brand it’s because it’s something I really like, wear or use in my daily life. I always try to test the products I’m showcasing to give a real and clear message to my followers. Luckily, I also work with a lot of brands I’ve been using for years, so I always keep it honest.

I have to say no. to many opportunities because it wouldn’t feel right and also long term it would negatively affect my feed and following. People aren’t stupid and I’m sure they can notice when something isn’t totally true!

And luckily 99% of the brands I have worked are those, who have been a part of my lifestyle for a long time.

Fanny for leto.jpg
For L’eto Caffe

6. What is the social responsibility that lies on the shoulders of fashion bloggers? How do you fulfill your role?

Well, there is a misconception that being paid for creating content means it’s not real. On the other hand, many people spread false feedback because they are getting paid for it. So first of all, money comes after ethical and social responsibility. Secondly, respecting the norms and culture of the society you are living in. Promoting positive body image, breaking stereotypes and more bringing more budget options to my followers is of immense importance to me. Also, I bring ideas to upcycle and style existing and basic pieces to make most out of them. Hence I cater to all factions of the society.

Fanny’s message for peace on India and Pakistan’s Independence days

Fanny promoting football made n Pakistan.jpg
Fanny promoting the football made in Pakistan for the World Cup

7. Can you please guide the beginners on how to go about it? What are the incentives in this career?

Fanny: Discover your talent, find your niche and be honest with what you are bringing into the digital world. Be unique, get inspired but don’t get influenced by anyone else’s work. Stop worrying about the size of your following and instead worry about creating quality content. This will lead to genuine fans and followers who really care about what you say and what you support, which is more fulfilling, more impactful, more honest, and worth far more to brands.

We wish Fanny all the best for her upcoming projects and life; hoping other fashion bloggers also think on these lines.

Fanny can be reached at

I enclose a token of appreciation to acknowledge your effort in attaining the charter of a degree- awarding institute and taking Pakistan into a new era of education.


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