Rubaru Ishq Tha – Episodes 1-5 recap and review

Airing on Geo Entertainment, Rubaru Ishq Tha, is a drama serial starring Danish Taimoor, Ushna Shah, Sanam Chaudhary and Ali Abbas. Supporting cast includes Ayub Khoso, Seemi Pasha, Javed Sheikh and Rubina Ashraf. The play is written by Amber Azhar and directed by Furqan Khan.

Here is the basic premise. Ayaan (Sanam Chaudhary) is fairly nuts and is in love with Almeer (Danish Taimoor).

Salwa (Ushna Shah) and Almeer are in love. On a fateful eve, now that they are about to get married.

Ayaan attempts to shoot at the coming baraat (Ayaan is Salwa’s neighbor) and ends up killing Salwa’s father. Kaboom.

Wahaj (Ali Abbas) is a hardcore police officer who loves his sister very much. He realizes that it is his sister who has taken the shot and not Almeer’s brother, as everyone had assumed.

Almeer realizes he’s screwed. I mean, there’s no way in hell this is happening now right?

Salwa’s family insists that Salwa divorce Almeer as now they can’t get married because well, obviously. Bad blood ftw.

Things are gonna get worse, guys. And despite the cliches and the melodrama – we’re watching.



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