New Drama Serial, “Meri Guriya”

It’s not an easy subject to talk about. Child sexual abuse is a taboo topic in our society even though at the beginning of 2018, Pakistan saw a horrendous case of rape and abuse of a little girl in Kasur that shook everyone.

Zainab’s culprit was caught but it lead to a lot of bigger questions that surround child sexual abuse and how we can protect our children from predators.

Earlier another channel attempted to make a film on Zainab’s case but since they had not taken any consent from the family, the telefilm was shelved and the project did not air on tv.

“Meri Guriya” is not Zainab’s story but the story of another child who is being victimized. The antagonist is Mohsin Abbas Haider who plays the pedophile and Sania Saeed is the mother of the child. The play also stars Sajid Hasan, Sonya Hussain, Faris Shafi and Ayesha Khan.

Written by Radain Shah (Nibah) and directed by Ali Hassan (Muqabil), the first episode is a gut wrenching start to what seems to be a very difficult watch.


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